How to manage Amazon Vendor Central.

Amazon Vendor Central has grown in popularity over the last few years and an increasing number of retailers become interested in this route to market.

But what is Amazon Vendor Central? And how do you manage this route to market alongside your other channels? We’ve summarised the platform and how B2B retailers manage their multiple channels using timesaving software.

What is Amazon Vendor Central?

Amazon Vendor is Amazon’s invite-only channel for growing retailers. Qualified vendors enter into a supplier relationship with Amazon whereby Amazon purchase products at wholesale prices and sell on your behalf.

Amazon Vendor Central also gives access extensive marketing opportunities with enhanced landing pages and opportunity to use Amazon's Subscriber & Save, Amazon Vine and Amazon Display Advertising. As with Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) under Amazon Seller, Amazon Vendor products qualify for Prime Shipping.

By choosing only popular products, Amazon Vendor Central accounts tend to experience higher growth through more trusted by consumer, leading to higher sales.

How do you manage Amazon Vendor Central alongside your other website channels?

Selling wholesale to Amazon sounds like a great idea however, you may be put off by the thought of managing yet another channel to market. With yet another interface and multiple order steps, orders through Amazon Vendor can prove time-costly and inefficient to manage.

It is therefore essential to find integrated, multi-channel software that will ease this burden for you.

Amazon Vendor uses an extensive interface using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). However, you may be surprised to learn that the majority of e-commerce platforms do not integrate with Amazon Vendor. There is an array of software that integrates with Amazon Marketplace (Seller Central) however, there is only a handful, and no UK based firms, which undertake the Amazon Vendor Central integration.

This could be due to EDI being preferred by large organisations with in-house developers; many platforms could not cater for growing clients who desire this functionality without the extensive development budget required.

What multi-channel software is available for Amazon Vendors?

The KhooCommerce platform is a UK-based multi-channel, integrated e-commerce software designed specifically for B2B, B2C and Amazon Vendor retailers. Unlike other generalised inventory management or e-commerce solutions, this platform is built specifically for retailers managing multiple routes to market.

Speaking to Online Seller UK, the KhooCommerce software has been long awaited by the online community. ‘For some time I have been looking for a solution that would integrate with Amazon Central accounts in multichannel platforms. Finally we have discovered ‘KhooCommerce, a UK based solution provider’ – Prabhat Shah, Online Seller UK.

How does KhooCommerce Amazon Vendor integration work?

KhooCommerce links with Amazon Vendor through the setup of EDI between Amazon Vendor and the KhooCommerce order management software. In Amazon's own words, this tie is "designed to take the normal business to business processes and accelerate and automate them to help reduce costs and improve efficiency as our companies interact."

Once an EDI link has been established to Order Management software, it is possible to manage both your Customer orders (from your website) and your Amazon Vendor orders (from Amazon themselves!)

The end result is a cloud-based multichannel inventory management system that manages all your sales in one place; your customers’ orders from your website, your retailers’ orders from your wholesale website, and across your chosen channels, including Amazon Vendor.

So, dealing with Amazon Vendor can be managed efficiently using timesaving software, leaving you time to take advantage of the benefits of being a Vendor Central account.

Katherine Khoo is Managing Director at Khoo Systems Limited. Katherine is an expert in e-commerce software development. Through years of supporting b...
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