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Business Spotlight: Exclusive Interview with Khaos Control Cloud

Every event we have attended so far this year, Khaos Cloud have been there. Their team spirit is infectious and motivation to offering solutions to their customers is commendable. We have worked closely with Khaos Control Cloud over the last 6 months and have interviewed Jason Thickpenny (Business Development Manager) to give you an opportunity to learn about them too.




I love the name Khaos Control Cloud but what exactly do you do?

Control the chaos that goes on in your company! All of those jobs that can go wrong, and that take ages to do manually our system looks after affectingly. Stock Management, order processing, accounts, purchasing are all jobs that need doing, but can be time consuming. Our system takes care of these processes to free up your time as this business owner to get on and grow your business.


There are lots of companies out there doing what you do but what makes you stand out from the others?

The biggest thing that sets us apart is our team here at Khaos Control Cloud. For a business that has been managing everything manually for the last decade – it can be daunting moving everything to an automated system. The values that run through our companymean thatwe are driven by the customer’s needs – and work to the pace of the customers.

With our head office being in the heart of Lincolnshire – we are always on hand to help…..so to answer your question….it’s the personal touch that sets us apart from the competition.



What are the advantages of Khaos Control Cloud?

A lot of the systems on the market offer you 4 or 5 functions that are key to helping you run a successful business, but they don’t offer you the tools you need to help you in your growth. Khaos Control Cloud offers all key tools plus a CRM, run promotions, integration with mail chimp etc and all included in the price.

With Khaos Control Cloud, you don’t need separate systems to run your business…you need ONE. For £50 per month – I can confidently say, it is the most cost affective system on the market.


What have been the biggest operational challenges you have faced recently?

Out of everything it is trying to change the mindset of a business that has been doing it the wrong way for years. We try to be very honest with our customers and if their processers are bad – we have to tell them, at the end of the day it is in their best interest. Maybe they have a great website, but if their order management and stock management is all over the place all of the pretty stuff counts for nothing.


What changes do you see in your industry in the next few years and how are you preparing for them?

The eCommerce world will just keep getting bigger, which mean more need for stock management systems. Deliveries will get even faster, and more market places offering different and unique user experiences when shopping online. Whatever it is though we will be ready for. The reason being is that we have built our system with an ability to integrate with any website. In addition, as more countries get involved in the latest eCommerce technology, we will need to be able to have our solution in other languages. We have created our system with multilingual capabilities, so we are ready for world domination!



What else would you like our members to know about Khaos Control?

That we really do care about your business. Our system will help you move from a good business to a great one. Are you in control of your business? Do you know your best channel for selling over? Who is your best customer? Are you basing your key business decisions on good data or guess work?

If you have answered no to any of these, then its time to talk to us.


Lots of events coming up throughout 2018. Where will we find you next?

The next show for us will be the start-up business show Excel, London November 14th and 15th2018.


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