TWF proudly supports Business in You!

A couple of months ago, we received an email from Business in You expressing their interest to collaborate with our community. They identified The Wholesale Forums as one of a small number of influential online channels – one that can help bring like-minded people and industry thought leaders together online, to support SMEs.

What’s Business in You?

The ‘Business In You’ is a partnership between private enterprise and Government to highlight support for start-ups and growing businesses and encourage entrepreneurial spirit. The campaign wants to encourage people by taking the leap to start up a business or grow existing ones.

Business in You campaign

If you visit the Business in You website, they have plenty of resources available on how to find a mentor, source finance, and advice on different issues faced by startups and growing businesses. They even have case studies featuring real businesses, including London Magic Store (Britain’s biggest seller on eBay).

How can our community support the Business in You campaign?

  1. Business in You website and blog – just like our community, both the Business in You website and blog offer fantastic resources for businesses. We ask that you take advantage of the tools available here and inform others about it as well.

    Unlike what it seems, the campaign is very much interactive especially with The Business in You blog. This is regularly updated with interesting posts from expert contributors and fellow startups. You can partake in the discussion by using the blog’s comment facility – we believe our community can provide unique insights in several topics!

  2. Business in You on Twitter – Follow @bisgovuk and use #businessinyou whenever you engage with their tweets. At this point, you’ll have a great idea on how many people are supporting the campaign whom you can connect and possibly collaborate with.

    Twitter is always a two-way thing so if you have something you’d like to share, go ahead and tweet using the #businessinyou hashtag. They also host several Live Twitter Q&As and are on the lookout for TWF community experts to join.

  3. Business in You on LinkedInJoin their group on LinkedIn which currently has 237 members. Once your membership is approved, you can connect with other businesses, partners, and individuals to exchange insights and advice with.

  4. Live Forum Q&A in collaboration with Business in You

    To kickstart our mutually beneficial partnership with Business in You, we are holding our 2nd Live Forum Q&A – Starting your own Online Brand. Business in You has provided us with expert panelists for the online session happening on 20 March, from 12pm-1pm.

    Live Forum Q&A - How to Start your own Online Brand

    With Business in You’s support in marketing our activity, we expect several newcomers including startups wanting to make their own mark in the industry. We’d really appreciate every member’s support in providing their expert advice and helpful experiences during the Q&A.

    What’s in store for You?

    Aside from helping other individuals (which many of us enjoy!), connecting with Business in You and supporting their cause has several benefits. First, when you support others – it all goes back to you in a good karmic way. Something many of us have already experienced in our community.

    It’s just been a few months since we talked with Tim Lloyd, Head of Digital Communications for the Department of Business, Innovation, and Skills, and yet – we’ve already made several new friends whom we now actively engage with!

    One of them is Linda Cheung, CEO of CubeSocial who is such a joy to talk to and just loves joining the dots. Certainly, our world became more connected (and in a sense bigger) after supporting the campaign.

    We know many of us want the same opportunity to help and achieve connectivity within our own niches, hence this blog feature about Business in You.

    If you have any questions about the campaign or have something in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

    Lace Llanora is the community and social media manager of The Wholesale Forums UK. She enjoys keeping up with the latest social trends and sharing the...

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