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Choosing a Supplier Series – Jobber

£ We want to help you understand the advantages, disadvantages of the different and making a supplier work for you to make your online business successful. Whether you sell on eBay, Amazon, OnBuy, your own Shopify site or one of the many other routes to market. Your success will start with the products you buy and who you purchase them from. We’re shining the spotlight here on Jobbers

Advantages: Good deals and if you build a good relationship you can get first-look

Disadvantages: Jobbers will often have a very opaque process and negotiation and terms can be very “Jobber” dependent and goods dependent as they will know the potential sale price and their buyer list very well.

Making a jobber work for you.

Jobbers are notoriously out for themselves and elusive! This is because they are usually a one person/small business and the profit per deal goes straight in their pocket. They will therefore try to squeeze both their supplier and buyer to maximise their own advantage in a different way than dealing with a company/manufacturer. They are elusive because if you can go direct then you could buy without their re-sale margin.

Find one you trust and get a reference from one of their clients

Know your buy and sell prices and what your bottom line is. A jobber is usually very persuasive by nature!

Accept you will be competing, but it may be for very good stock

Where to find: Word of Mouth and networking

See the full blog series at the supplier section of the blog

Helen Parker is the Director of The Wholesale Forums
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  • June 17th, 2022
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