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Choosing a Supplier Series – Manufacturers/Distributers

£ We want to help you understand the advantages, disadvantages of the different and making a supplier work for you to make your online business successful. Whether you sell on eBay, Amazon, OnBuy, your own Shopify site or one of the many other routes to market. Your success will start with the products you buy and who you purchase them from. We’re shining the spotlight here on Manufacturers/Distributers

Advantages: Prices are clear and transparent often from a big reputable firm. The stock will be new, pristine and boxed and because of distance selling regulations, you will have a right to return.

Disadvantages: You will only be able to bulk buy and this will often be at a minimum volume along with a % payment upfront. Don’t forget the products may be unbranded which can be an advantage but means extra work to pay for. You will also need to find the contacts yourself, and verify the company and the goods with your own due diligence.

Making a manufacturer or distributer work for you.

Pick a product – don’t blanket look for a manufacturer, look for someone who you have a spec product for.

Don’t get caught up with idea of the product… make sure you work out: Buying price MINUS all shipping and return costs

Consider price stability and seasonality of the product before considering the purchase size and price

Where to find: Google and Alibaba. Get references and samples – even if you have to pay for them

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