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Choosing a Supplier Series – Reverse Logistics

£ We want to help you understand the advantages, disadvantages of the different and making a supplier work for you to make your online business successful. Whether you sell on eBay, Amazon, OnBuy, your own Shopify site or one of the many other routes to market. Your success will start with the products you buy and who you purchase them from. We’re shining the spotlight here on Reverse Logistics

Advantages: Reputable companies, with verified stock at a good price. Often it will also be sorted already so you know the quality of the stock.

Disadvantages: They will need a credit check which can be invasive, there is usually a big upfront cost in bulk. The stock will be graded but you take the risk on what that means.

Making a Reverse Logistics partner work for you.

Reverse Logistics is often part of a business companies that deals with transportation. The contracts they take on will include disposal as part of reducing the admin for their clients.

Pick a big firm and get on their list.

Be easy for them to work with. A reverse logistics company is looking for a reliable way to sell stock quickly on behalf of their clients.

You will be competing but don’t want to get carried away so decide what price you think you can sell each grade of stock for before you start bidding.

How to find: Ring all the big transportation companies and ask if they deal in stock – they often have someone for whom this is a headache!

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Helen Parker is the Director of The Wholesale Forums

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