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Choosing a Supplier Series – Wholesalers

£ We want to help you understand the advantages, disadvantages of the different and making a supplier work for you to make your online business successful. Whether you sell on eBay, Amazon, OnBuy, your own Shopify site or one of the many other routes to market. Your success will start with the products you buy and who you purchase them from. We’re shining the spotlight here on Wholesalers

Advantages: New stock from verified companies and reliable stock sources. The wholesaler will do the sourcing admin for you and pictures and clear pricing and volume options. Delivery options and prices should also be clear from a good wholesaler.

Disadvantages: The price points are usually set with little room for negotiation. It is also rare to get the “car boot sale” effect of finding a hidden cheap gem!

Making a wholesaler work for you.

Look for someone who you have a spec product for.

REALISTIC sell price and shipping are the most important factors.

Consider price stability and seasonality before committing to volume.

Can you take a pallet if you want higher volumes? You will not be able to take delivery and it will be at your cost if you can’t receive a pallet. Ask them about this and what you will need to take the delivery (e.g. is a forklift or pallet jack required)

Do some due diligence on the business. At minimum pull their accounts from companies house so you know what size you are dealing with.

Where to find: Our directory, or the Yellow Pages!

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Helen Parker is the Director of The Wholesale Forums

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