Common Marketing Mistakes by Start-ups

Starting up a business has never been easier, but what about competing for the attention of your customers ?

In the good old days you placed an advert in the press or sent out leaflets and mail shots – simple and easy but not sophisticated. In the past decade it’s all changed but remember that old media are far from dead. Below is a list of common errors made by entrepreneurs new to advertising.

Wrong type of advert

There is a difference between advertising to sell and that of brand promotion. Putting your name in front of people helps to build your brand. A special offer is clearly aimed to sell . Get the message right.

Right advert - wrong context

A specific promotion in a leisure context won’t sell. Brand promotion in a selling arena is a lost opportunity.

Special offers that aren’t

Don’t advertise somewhere because it is cheap. An advert for lawnmowers in a railway magazine doesn’t work. Always check who else advertises there.

Failure to measure responses

Rushing into a campaign without simple steps such as promo codes or analytics makes it harder to gauge success.

Failure to follow up enquiries

What’s the point of spending thousands of pounds when you aren’t answering the phone to talk to prospective customers responding to your campaign?

Make sure your copy will spur them to action

Too much is too little. An advert without a clear and simple message gets overlooked.

Lack of patience

Remember that it rake multiple viewings for consumers to take notice.

Lack of focus

You cannot be all things to all people. Choose your target audience and appeal to them, not to everybody else.

Above all plan your campaign both on the strategic and tactical levels.

Any other tips you can share? Post them via comments below!

Norman Younger BA(Hons) FCCA is a company formation agent and equity partner in a firm of accountants specialising in helping start-ups. Business int...
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