Dropshipping – How To Deal With Returns – Part 10

How To Deal With Dropshipping Returns

dropship returns

Part 9 of this dropshipping best practices series spoke about the 3 main key elements as to deciding which supplier to use to fulfil orders. Location, Availability, and Pricing.

In this article we're going to talk about how to deal with dropshipping returns.

It's also best to mention that talking to your suppliers to find out what their returns policy is will also help ensure you to know what to include in your returns policy. And although many can be different in some areas, they should follow roughly the same idea.

If a customer needs to return something, this is how the process should look.

Step 1 - The customer contacts you to return an item.
Step 2 - The merchant (you) should then request an RMA (Returns Merchandise Authorization) number, which you get from your supplier.
Step 3 – The customer will then post the items back to your supplier, whilst noting the RMA number on the address.
Step 4 – The merchant will then be refunded for the wholesale price of the merchandise.
Step 5 – You (the merchant) will then refund the customer in full.

What If The Items Are Damaged?

Damaged goods: When a damaged item is returned, the merchants will need to – as mentioned before – pay for this refund themselves. In many cases, the supplier will not pay for this. This is something that’s going to happen sooner or later, and if you’re seeking to build a reputation with your customers then this is just a risk you’ll have to accept.
Restocking fees: If an item is sent back to the supplier, the merchant will need to pay a restocking fee. This is another cost you’re going to take on board, and not an expense that your customers should have to pay for. Do not include this in your returns policy.

Will Dropshipping work for me?

It’s important to take note that not every strategy and plan you have will work. You cannot determine how well you will actually do. It’s all trial and error unfortunately in many areas, though with this practice and basic knowhow on what to look out for, whether good or bad will see you only succeed in the dropshipping industry.

In some cases Dropshipping isn't a method everyone likes to go down, it just doesn't work for them. Read about more dropshipping here, and whether or not it is a viable business model.

Keeping a clear plan of action will keep you on your toes to ensure that you’re heading in the right direction. Like with any business plan.

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