Business is Growing? Outsource like a Pro!

So, your business is going well, lots of sales coming in, a good number of products needed to be listed, needing to sort your inventory, and lots more things happening. By now you realise that not everything can be done in a single day, and time management is turning to be a disaster.

Of course, at this time, you would be thinking of getting some help. Some hire, some ask favours. But some, to get an efficient work done at a cheaper cost, outsource. While this may not be the best option for some, it still is a way to consider. One big reason is that some businesses outsource jobs to save money, but that does not make a business owner out source like a pro. So, without further adieu, here are the good pointers to consider being an outsourcing pro.


It’s not always Freelance

A lot considers outsourcing as a 100% freelance job. In truth, it is not. While some, like building a website, is a one-and-done project, other types of jobs are not freelance. Say you want someone to constantly list eBay items for you, and you get new products on a daily basis, would you consider getting a freelance to do it? Providing at least a 3 month term for an outsourced employee would be the best way to get more applicants, thus making this at least a part-time job for whoever will make the cut.


Focus not only in one country

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is now a very huge industry that’s taking over Asia. These companies build up Call Centers to most of Asian countries, but it can also vary from Virtual Assistants, Web development, to even the simplest of tasks. The trick here is not to rely on accepted salary rates alone, but the skills you need.




As with A.T. Kearny’s Global Service Index, one big factor would be the skillset. With that alone, you should always consider the best country / nationality which suits well to your standards. Would you like a good coder? Go to this country. Or do you prefer someone who has good communication skills with neutral English? Prefer another. It always depends on your needs for an outsourced employee, and you must stick well with those needs than just choosing the top.


The one who can do it all

Following up to the item above, you might end up getting more people for each specific set of skills you need. Regardless of being outsourced or regular employment, your hiring mindset should always be the same: get the most of what you pay for. If one applicant can do the same, and also do another skillset you need, get him / her. Why pay for 2 part time employees, when you can get 1 that does both for full time, at possibly a lower total pay cost? It saves you money, and could guarantee the outsourced employee a better stable work load.


Security is always their concern

One thing about outsourced employees, is that they have no job security. Oftentimes, they get stuck with just 3 month job contracts and once the contract is done, they get booted out. Unlike regular office employees, working as an outsourced employee gives you little to no security. Worse, there are times that dubious employers scam these poor employees, trying them out for a couple of weeks then get booted out without even a pay. So be courteous, consider that they are human too. Should you want to test out a person for a few weeks before finally deciding, offer to give at least half of the proposed daily rate. As for long term employment, you cannot always promise, but consider having multiple tasks to probably retain the employee. It’s not always easy to get the best employees, so once you get one, consider more jobs to do in order to keep them. Treat them as regular employees, and you’ll be sure to be treated as a good boss in the dirty outsource industry.


Be open to provide good training

A lot of outsource applicants indicate that they are willing to be trained, especially with specific roles. As an example, not all countries use eBay as a platform, and thus, some applicants may not know how to list on eBay. Should this happen, but the same applicant has other qualities you like, be willing to train them for these specific tasks. You could turn a standard employee into a real gem with proper training, and that will then turn into a full-time one once they do stellar work in multiple areas.


Do not just focus on Freelance websites

It’s a familiar answer that when you want to outsource, you immediately go to Freelance websites such as oDesk (now UpWork). Remember that it’s not the only medium you have when trying to outsource. You could even do it in job hunting websites like Jobstreet. Indicate in your job description as either full-time / part-time and the words “work from home” and you’ll surely get a lot of interested applicants coming your way. At times, it is wiser to get outsourced employees from these sites than freelance sites, as you are sure that they are there to get real jobs, not just something to pass their financial needs.


There are still quite a number of things you need to consider with outsourcing employees. It’s not an easy task, and works almost the same with regular employment. But despite with saving costs, always remember to treat them professionally and with utmost respect. You’ll surely have no problems outsourcing and get better work results!

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