Dropshipping – Research Competition – Part 7

Research & Beat Your Competition

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Welcome back to part 7 of our Dropshipping Best Practices series.

Part 6 we focused on what products should you sell, and what considerations to take on board.

Researching your competition is vital in any industry. This is what determines whether or not you can match, and beat what it is your competition offers. You will eventually need to research your competitions keywords and other social media presence, and use this against them. So let's keep this one short today and let's get you to beat your competition


You can use tools such as Google Keyword Planner (in AdWords) and Google Trends to plan your keyword research. This is very important, as you want to be ranking for particular and popular keywords in Google. These two tools allow you to do many different things. For example:

Google Keyword Planner: Taking a look at the product keywords you want to rank for in GKP will show you how popular that product is in a Google Search. This will show you on a monthly basis how many people search for this term. You can also put in your website, (or your competitions) and see what your site, or theirs ranks for more. This way you know what to target.

Google Trends: will show you more detailed insights into, the search volume of that keyword over time, related terms, with country uses that/ those keywords more often and seasonality too.

Backlinks: Google loves links, and relies heavily on them to get your site to the top. The more links that point to your site means this is possible, however the quality of those links and sites are taken into account. There are many ways to get backlinks, and even though some of these are random people that just felt like linking to your work you can still go the good old route and ask for a recommendation.

Get onto Google and search for reviews of the products you’re selling, contact the author of the site and recommend linking to your site, especially if your stock is current and better than what your competition offer. maybe you can throw in a freebie too to build that relationship.

Open Site Explorer: To get an idea of how many site backlinks you need to succeed, take a look at this tool. Find your competitors sites – make sure they are at least the first page of Google – and input their URL into this tool. OSE will then show you how many unique linking domains this site has. This gives you an idea on how much work you need to do to get the top of Google.

Cody Stallard is a Community Manager at The Wholesale Forums.

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