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SourceMogul Online Arbitrage Launch: SAAS software for Amazon sellers to source products

To celebrate the launch of its powerful eCommerce stock sourcing software, SourceMogul is offering a reduced lifetime subscription to its first 50 UK and 50 US users.

SourceMogul lets Amazon sellers find pricing differences between the eCommerce giant and hundreds of other retailers, like Walmart in the USA and Tesco in the UK.

Sellers can then source products at lower prices and re-sell on Amazon to exploit the price differential.

It also includes useful trading data to help you sort through the products and find exactly what you are after; like embedded Keepa Sales Rank and price history charts, competitor info and a breakdown of all Amazon fees.

SourceMogul operates in the cloud and can run a whole supplier site at the press of a single button, making it very easy to scan for profitable products.

Currently, SourceMogul searches 60 UK or 60 US online stores, with around 20 more added per week.

It also provides automated search of specific Amazon categories.

One of its most innovative features is Brand Restrictions checking. This will advise you if any products are restricted for your personal Amazon account.  This is a continuous pain point for traders. With SourceMogul you just press a button and it checks permissions with Amazon on your behalf.

SourceMogul founder, Ed Brooks, says: "We want to make sure SourceMogul really delivers what Amazon sellers want. The team has a lot of experience in product arbitrage. And of course everyone gets a 7 day no-obligation free trial anyway; so come and check us out at"

Cody Stallard is a Community Manager at The Wholesale Forums.
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