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Sourcing The Best Products with oBook


As an online seller, you may already have heard of oBook, but when I joined The Wholesale Forums I never had. However, through the forum and our events I found people repeatedly mentioning Obook products so we contacted them directly and found that on top of products, they also offer so much more in terms of services.

We interviewed Harry Kwok, General Manager, and Christy Li, Operations Director of Obook about their business on a recent trip over to London, and how they can help you.


How can oBook help our online sellers?

We offer many services to online sellers and could talk about it all day and in great detail! But the broad categories that we cover are:

Sourcing products and securing great prices
Combining shipment with orders
Helping sellers to re-package products to your own brand
Dropshipping and Order Fulfillment



So, alongside simple sourcing you offer a dropship program for online retailers? Do you want to tell us a bit more about that?

We offer a full dropshipping service to make sure online sellers can have quality professional order fulfillment. Once you send us your customer’s purchase order from the UK and the US, we ship to the end customer from China and Hong Kong.


One of the issues many people have with dropshipping is retaining a sense of branding. Can you add a retailer's details on your packing slip?

Yes, you can and we also offer re-packing your own brand. Our quality control is exceptional and well rated. This also includes the end to end service that you would expect from a quality dropshipper and we handle the customs declaration in China.


Online Sellers are obviously always worried about returns.What is your policy for damaged or returned dropship goods?

Normally, discounts/refunds are given to goods in case of manufacturing damages. Shipment damages are not covered.You need to purchase insurance from the courier to cover this. Most customers do not insure because of hefty costs on low value goods.For costly and delicate items, shipping insurance covers the risks.

Our return rate is less than 2% . Our quality control has very high standards and every parcel is checked before dispatch. We can send an image of the goods before shipment if you require or we may on occasions send an image if we are concerned about colour etc. We are really focused on making sure our clients can promise their customers quality and an excellent service.


Where the online sellers won’t be touching the goods, do you have product photos they can use?

Yes, and in the event we don’t have them, we will source from the supplier.


What are the advantages of using oBook over other suppliers, what makes you stand out from the others?

We have fast and flexible services with various payment methods (Credit Card, Western Union, T/T, Veem)

We negotiate discounts with the suppliers to pass on to you. Other sourcing agents may not pass on supplier discounts to you.

We have worked with a trusted courier for 10+ years. Through our great relationship we have partnered with them to pass on reduced rates and excellent service levels to all our customers



What have been the biggest operational challenges you have faced recently?

There has been a rapid increase in order volume. We have moved offices and enlarged our warehousing space to accommodate the growing needs of our customers


What changes do you see in your industry in the next few years and how are you preparing for them?

Our business model currently looks after dropship, wholesale and retail, each are equally 1/3 of the business. Our biggest challenge is the dropship division, business growth being the largest in this area. This has meant a system upgrade and we will continue to expand the business with the trends.


What else would you like our members to know about oBook?

That we put real effort into our service level and being a partner in building your business. We have a stable team serving customers since 2009. Our first customer from 2009 is still our customer!

We are not purely an agent for purchasing. We strive to help businesses though excellent buying power and negation on your behalf, we are your trusted partner


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