Tools You Need To Increase Productivity

There are a number of ways in which you can automate your e-commerce practices in day-to-day management to help increase your productivity. Automating these procedures means you can spend your time more wisely and become a more productive merchant.


Order Management

If you can view and manage all your orders from one software, there’s no more need to log into multiple systems to check your order updates. Managing your Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce orders from one dashboard, and syncing in real time is a huge timesaver - if your software checks for new orders every 10 minutes and updates your web store or marketplace in real time, this could save you hours per week with your eBay inventory management. Try and pick a software with a barcode scanner included - these can be beneficial as they make scanning invoices and searching for products faster and easier with just one click, and cutting down shipping time.

Integrations with your other software

If you have an inventory management software which integrates with your other software - your accounting package, for example - this means you no longer need to manually import and export information into your systems as they are synced and taken care of automatically. This is another great timesaver and reduces the risk of mistakes being made, meaning you can focus your attentions elsewhere.

Inventory Management

Having the ability to sync your inventory in real time between your Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce stores to prevent over-selling is a major plus. If your inventory management software automatically links products from these different channels, think of how much time you’ll save. No more logging into all your marketplaces, you can simply manage them from one dashboard. This makes it so much easier to see exactly what’s going on in each of your stores, saving you the time and effort of logging in/out of all your separate channels. Having a tool which incorporates both inventory and order management is a huge plus - why use 2 softwares when you can use one.

Reorder Levels & Purchase Orders

Setting minimum stock levels for products is a handy way to stop you selling out of your most popular items. Having a tool which alerts you when these minimum levels have been reached, or better yet, automatically orders more of those items, is great as it means you no longer need to keep checking the stock levels of these items, and you don’t have to worry about your customers being disappointed. If you can use the tool to manage your purchase orders and suppliers too, that’s even better.

Shipping Labels

Think of all the time you could save if you invested in a tool which automatically prints your courier labels in bulk. If it takes you 5 minutes per order to write out your shipping labels, you could potentially save hours per day - that’s time that could be spent focussing on more important tasks. You also don’t have to worry as much about sending the wrong items to the wrong person, which can be a major problem - not only does it eat up your valuable time to rectify your mistakes, it could also lose you customers. You should make sure this tool is integrated with all the major couriers, like FedEx and Royal Mail (if you’re a UK customer).

Requesting Customer Feedback

Chasing up your customers for reviews and feedback is such an important part of ecommerce. Your reviews and ratings as a seller will directly affect your sales as potential buyers are more likely to buy from a reputable seller. The only problem is, it can take a while to sort through your customers, see who has received their items, and then send them emails. You could use a tool like Feedback Five, which automates a lot of this process, to free you from the task of chasing customers for feedback, and help you become a more productive seller.

Sales Reports

Sales reports are really important for ecommerce merchants as they show you how well you’re doing, allowing you to identify where to focus your attentions, which stock to order more of, which stock to get rid of and so on. The trouble is, they can be incredibly time consuming to prepare yourself - and not to mention confusing, especially if you are selling on more than one marketplace, and have a number of different brands under your belt. Investing a sales reporting tool can help save you time by automating these reports for you, and also eliminating the worry of human error - if you get one figure wrong, it can really damage your selling strategy, so it’s really important that you make no errors. If you can monitor and compare all your sales in a simple graph it’ll make life so much easier for you.

There are numerous programs and services out there that could do different tasks mentioned above. You could also choose to have a single solution for all this woes. Veeqo is an all in one inventory and order management software which incorporates shipping, pos, purchase orders/reorder levels and sales reports. Using a program like Veeqo, you avoid clutter by doing all tasks under one software. Saving you more time to further increase your productivity in a day to day basis.

Appah Prince is Manager of Marketing Manager at Veeqo. Veeqo is a one stop to manage orders, products, stock ,shipping for online merchants who sell...
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