TWF at The London Online Seller Meetup

It was our first time to attend the revived London Online Seller Meetup. The event hosted by iwoca was held at The Blue Anchor – a cozy riverside traditional pub on the Thames River, just below the Hammersmith Bridge.

The setup was as good as it can get with over 60 people in attendance, casually talking about the online selling life. Of course, everyone enjoyed free drinks and some nibbles including TWF members who were also in attendance and whom we got to spend a bit of face time with.

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"We were pleased for the turn out for the UK Online Seller Meetup. The event gives online sellers an opportunity for them to meet in face-to-face and share their experiences. The feedback we have had from the sellers is that they enjoy the presentations from industry partners. We're happy to host these events as it is very much about creating a community for these sellers in an offline environment" says Alycia Wilson, Head of Marketing for iwoca.

Christoph Reiche
Christoph Reiche, co-founder of iwoca

If you’re not yet familiar with iwoca, the company provides small business loans for online sellers who trade on eBay, Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Anthony Trollope
Anthony Trollope, Managing Director at The Wholesale Forums UK

During the meetup, Anthony was one of the invited guest speakers. He took a few minutes to introduce our community and what we can offer. We were surprised to find out about 70% of the online sellers present already knew about TWF and most were already registered members!

Aside from Anthony, eBay gurus and industry experts Chris Dawson and Jane Bell generously shed light about pertinent online selling topics.

According to Jane, with the absence of any official eBay Seller Meetup since the demise of the eBay University the meetup is a great opportunity to meet and learn from other online sellers. “Finding that others have similar problems with online selling as you have and how they have solved them in such a relaxed atmosphere is worth a trip. Informative, short presentations from both The Wholesale Forums and Alibaba UK last week, the London & other UK Online Seller Meetups offer so much experience to share in one room that future Meetup opportunities should not to be missed!”

James Hardy
James Hardy of Alibaba UK talking about the latest trends in cross border retail

Chris Dawson of Tamebay says that the Online Seller Meetups are turning out to be a great regular event for networking not online with other online sellers, but for meeting the personnel from services providers and marketplaces for an informal chat.

Other attendees included Oliver Ridley who has been working with eBay for 10 years, and our friends from Alibaba James Hardy and Pamela Hsieh.

“I do still miss the eBay universities which provided a wealth of up to date information. At the September London Meetup there were plenty of insights from the likes of The Wholesale Forums and Alibaba who revealed which countries are most interested in buying British goods. If you’re selling on eBay, Amazon, other marketplaces or your own website these events are invaluable. If you want to contact professional online retailers to spread the word on your products and services you should also be there” adds Chris.

Thanks to everyone who attended and to iwoca for inviting our community. The next Online Seller Meetup is happening on 10 October, at Sun on the Hill in Birmingham. The event will kick off at 6pm with speakers from Linnworks and Frooition. Registration is now open.

Lace Llanora is the community and social media manager of The Wholesale Forums UK. She enjoys keeping up with the latest social trends and sharing the...
Sounds good! Shame we're up north in the middle of nowhere!
    Hope to meet you next time Mark, I think iwoca is doing a series of meetups so fingers crossed they'll reach online sellers up north :)

    By the way, you can join their meetup group here for suggestions:

    Hi Mark,

    Are you close to Birmingham? It might be a little close than London. We're hosting the next meetup on the 10th of October. Sign up here.

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