Increase Twitter Engagement

Top Tips to Increase Twitter Engagement

Improve Twitter Engagement

Many struggle trying to understand the basics of Twitter before they even consider it as a marketing tool to increase Twitter engagement. That’s what it is; marketing, and with that you should treat (tweet) it as a main core element in your strategy.

If no one is engaging with you on Twitter, then it may time to throw in the towel, or at least change your game plan.

Firstly, let’s consider what Twitter is.

Twitter is a social networking service that allows users to “tweet” and engage with messages up to 140 characters. The definition of Twitter also means, “to give a series of sort, high-pitched calls.” Hence the reason why Twitter is an ever-growing, popular and highly used – yet competitive - marketing tool that you should be taking advantage of today.

In this article I’ll be sharing with you some techniques that’ll lead to improved Twitter engagement, and form part of your off-page SEO.

Use Targetable Keywords

Using discoverable keywords in your Tweets allows users to easily search for you based on phrases and key-terms they’ve searched for on Twitter. To ensure your keywords are targetable on Twitter, do a basic search in the search-bar, type the first few letters and see if it pops up; you’ll then know if it’s a popular keyword.

Use Hashtags

A great to way improve your Twitter engagement is with hashtags. This doesn’t mean use up to 10 different hashtags; this looks very spammy and will only result in you losing fans and the reputation you ideally want on the Twitter-sphere. Instead, include up to three hashtags in your most targetable keywords to maintain the best engagement, performance and user-friendly experience.

Likewise, do not use hashtags are too long, for example, #OhMyGodILoveThatFridayFeeling. Keep it short and straight to point. These tags make searching easier, so keep it easy.

Share The Love

Give credit where due. This means, if you see value in a Tweet, then let that user, and everyone else know about it. Share, Love, Quote, and Retweet. You want to build relationships on Twitter, and what better way to do than showing value in another’s content? Also, ask for a Retweet yourself. Less than 1% of brands ask, so there’s plenty of opportunity to include this in your Twitter engagement strategy.

Use Images

Using images in your Tweets is a sure way to encourage engagement, and should also be a priority. Tweets that contain images generate on average more than 300% engagement activity than those without.

Keep Tweets Short

Keeping your Tweets shorter than 110-120 characters receives much more engagement than those that max out the full 140 limit. Think of it this way. If someone tells you a really long joke, it’ll be harder to tell your friends. Keeping it short and sweet allows room for editing. You’ll be able to add your own commentary to it too.

Schedule For The Weekend

Scheduling Tweets for the weekend is a great time to get in those extra engagements. Engagement is generally much higher on weekends than weekdays.

Engage With Conversations

This is an obvious one. You should consistently be engaging with others and their discussions. Although don’t feel the need to get involved with a discussion for the pure sake of doing so. You want to build a reputation on Twitter, showcase your experience and your value.

Even if it means just thanking someone for retweeting or following you, is a great start to initiative a conversation. Ask users what they learnt from your content, or what they’d like to see more of is great to showing your value towards your clients/ customers.

Period Before @

You’ve most likely seen it at some point on Twitter, and don’t worry, it’s not a mistake. Putting a period before @mention allows your Tweet to appear in all of your followers feeds. Without the period the Tweets serves as conversational only, meaning the followers that both you and the person you Tweeted share can only see it. Make use of that [email protected].

Use Short links

Far too often I see many users grabbing their URL and pasting that into their Tweet, taking up valuable character space. Instead place your URL into to shorten it.

Make Use Of Advanced Search

Using these refined advanced searches means you’ll easily find the Tweets with the keywords you actually want.

Tweets containing key-terms (“word” and “word”)

Tweets with exact phrase (“wholesale forums”)

Tweets excluding unwanted words (“SEO” but not “eCommerce”)

Tweets with a hashtag (#marketplaces)

Tweets from a chosen account (tweeted by “@mention”)

Tweets that replied to another account (in reply to “@mention”)

Tweets mentioning another account (tweet includes “@mention”)


By utilizing one of the biggest highly used networking platforms with these tips, and incorporating them into part of your strategy you will reach the audience you’re after, and encourage others to engage with your content on a more regular basis.


Cody Stallard is a Community Manager at The Wholesale Forums.

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