Ultimate Guide To Amazon Product Reviews

Amazon product reviews are one of the factors that help ranks your product when customers search for them. Products with positive (4-5 star) and a high number of customer reviews relative to competing products will rank higher than those with low quality and low volume reviews. We also know that New Reviews, Verified Reviews and Reviews that are most helpful are given more weight compared to others since Amazon changed its reviews algorithm.

So, it is in our interest to spend resources in building our Amazon product reviews. We can do so in two ways:

  1. Ask for reviews from past customers
  2. Ask for honest product reviews by giving free / discounted products

Being a professional seller on Amazon, I have tried both methods. (I sell organic coffee).

Ask for reviews from past customers.

Amazon automatically sends a reminder to review the product, usually after a week’s time of placing an order. We may not always get product reviews from these automated emails, which is why asking customers actively to write an Amazon product review works well.


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You can do this in two ways.

One is by sending an email from Amazon’s messaging system using a template like below, and personalising it with the buyer’s name. I have used this template after 2 weeks of delivery and it has worked. However, I suggest you test different templates to find the most effective that works for you.

"Hi Harry,

We are getting in touch because you've bought xxx from us sometime ago.

Weíd appreciate it if you would rate and review the product.

To do this just-

Step #1 Click on this link to go to your purchase history:


Step #2 Scroll down to the product you purchased.

Step #3 Choose Stars and start writing

Should have any further questions about our product please do get in touch.

Many thanks,
Customer Support


Second method is to use automated tools like that of Xsellco. Here’s an example of their feedback dashboard:



Ask for honest Amazon product reviews by giving free / discounted products.

It is within Amazon’s terms to ask for honest feedback in return for a free product. This accelerates the quantity of product reviews, however, all honest reviews may not be positive ones. So, monitoring them is very important.

To ask for honest product reviews you can:

#1 Approach Amazon’s top reviewers – We have clients who used individuals from this list and some have responded. So managing a list of reviewers sending them email templates using any CRM system like that of Hubspot saves you time.

#2 Use third party tools that essentially holds a large database of Amazon buyers – Many use these tools as they are a time saver and the reach is very high. They come with a fixed plus add cost per number of requests sent.

#3 Use Facebook Amazon Product Review groups – Similar to above, we essentially give out discount codes in the group. We have seen many retailers using these groups. This works quite well when you have time to manage and monitor it.


Amazon Product Reviews changes

We have heard and read a lot of articles questioning if we actually get honest Amazon product reviews with free products. Amazon has also changed their reviews algorithm, meaning that now New Reviews, Verified Reviews and Reviews that are most helpful are given more weight. So, personally I’d recommend putting a system in place to ask for reviews from existing customers.

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