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Press Release – Zentrada publishes its member-structure for the first time

Already more than 363.128 European retailers are registered on the sourcing platform zentrada.

Until now, supply sources have been one of the most protected business secrets in retail.  Now, data from the Europe-wide leading sourcing platform for commercial resellers shows its European member structure for the first time.

According to the data, the use of the internet for product sourcing is increasing faster than assumed.

The already counts more than 363.128 registered members from all over Europe, 43% can be assigned to stationary retail, over 40% online seller, according to the sourcing network. The countries with the highest numbers of members are Germany with 101.095, France with 53.180 members, but also many smaller countries not covered by the English language marketplace have a high number of 69.336 commercial members.



“Certainly, we see a member concentration in areas with high population density. But interestingly, retailers located outside the big cities and in marginal areas are especially taking advantage of the internet as a sourcing resource”, says Emil Huovinen, Zentrada Manager for the Scandinavian Market.

Retailers today have to adapt their product policy even more to their own customer group and bring seasonal changes, new products ideas, as well as daily needed products to generate additional revenue to survive.

A sourcing platform like zentrada gives smaller retailers access to the attractive assortments of big suppliers and strengthens their independence in sourcing.

In contrast to the popular Asian portals, Zentrada only represents suppliers with their product stock within Europe to guarantee a relatively short delivery time, small purchasing volumes, and accordance to EU product regulations.

“In its first years, Zentrada was mainly used as a supplier register. Today, we are a Europewide transaction platform that supports the European trading business between 250€ and 50.000€ per transaction with a central order and payment processing, as well as personal customer service”, says zentrada CEO Ingo Schloo about the business structure and strategy.

Buyers and suppliers benefit from the collaboration and opening of the unique European domestic market in sourcing and distribution. In this development, zentrada functions as a “catalytic converter”, which speeds up the digitalization and Europewide business processing in the (so far) very nontransparent wholesale sector.

With teams in 6 countries, zentrada marketplaces and TradeSafe processing platform in 8 languages the offers retailers and suppliers Europewide business dealings without risk and language barriers. After a short registration, the use for commercial buyers is free.

Cody Stallard is a Community Manager at The Wholesale Forums.

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