Back to Business Masterclass: Selling online by GoDaddy Masterclass 4


Running your own business doesn’t mean having to go it alone. In April, May and June GoDaddy will be running a series of events aimed at helping you establish and grow your business online.

We’ll be covering topics such as creating your website, promoting your business on a tight budget, selling online and how to maintain your online presence after the pandemic is over.

Each of our four events will feature a Team GB athlete talking about their experiences in business and how they focus on achieving success.

And we’ll be hearing from a senior British Chambers of Commerce representative, who will be providing insight and analysis on how small businesses have responded during these unprecedented times.

There will also be one of our very own GoDaddy Guides on hand to take you through all the topics covered in each event.

Join us for the final instalment of our brand new four part masterclass series as GoDaddy helps you get Back to Business.

We will be joined by one of our very own GoDaddy Guides, and the session will include a fireside chat with one of Team GB’s athletes to hear about their business journey and how Olympic sport has equipped them to become entrepreneurs in their own right. A senior representative from the British Chambers of Commerce will also be taking part, to provide further industry insight and trends we’re seeing across the micro-business community.

In this session on maintaining your online presence post pandemic you will learn:

- How to maintain an online presence
- How to convert website visitors into customers
- How to make your website work for you and help you grow
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