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Ecom Collab Club - March 23rd 2022

Sick and tired of online eCommerce events? Join us monthly in LONDON for REAL people and REAL talk - all things eCommerce. Read more...

About this event​

eCommerce agencies and tech partners. Listen up.
Online events suck
We all want to grow in 2022
We all wish we did partnerships better
There are some freakin' awesome people in UK eCommerce that we haven't met.
If you're nodding your head like a well oiled nodding dog - well, you've come to the right link from your daily LinkedIn scan.
eCommerce Collab Club brings together eCommerce agencies and tech partners under 1 warm, caffeinated roof. Not only will you get time to meet and chat (or netwwerrrrk), but you'll also get treated to a fireside chat and Q&A tackling some of the biggest questions we all have about the industry and partnerships.
Sold? If so, just grab a ticket now and ignore the rest of the drivel here. Oh, you want more? OK.

Who is this for?​

If you're an eCommerce merchant/entrepreneur, well we're sorry, this isn't one for you. BUT, if you're a:
- Development Agency (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Wordpress, Wix)
- Paid Ad Agency working with eCommerce brands
- SEO Agency working with eCommerce brands
- A SaaS company working with eCommerce brands or agencies
- A tech partner working with eCommerce brands or agencies
Then roll up, roll up.

TOPIC FOR NEXT EVENT - Agencies. Grill time.​

Since the very first Ecom Collab Club, we've been asked by you guys to do an agency panel.
Ok then.
During this event, we'll be joined by 5 separate agencies for our fireside chat to answer your questions on what makes them tick, their opinions on partnerships, how they feel about clients and what's bothering them about our industry.
Oh lordy, this is gunna be a good one.
Here's the low down on our panel:
When you sign up (in approximately 36 seconds from now) you'll be able to fire in the questions you want us to grill them on.
Check their little faces below...
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    eCom Collab Club.png
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