How to Set Up an Etsy Store without making any goods

You're looking to set up for yourself, but don't know where to start. Is this you?

If yes, this online workshop, hosted by Nigel Wymer, can help you in the right direction and give you some valuable pointers. He will give you the INSIDE INFORMATION you need, as he has been there and done that.

He has several online businesses including shops on eBay and Etsy. After years of experience, he rates Etsy as having the most potential.
Some people may not have heard of Etsy, or maybe they have, but think of Etsy as a small online marketplace, mainly for crafts people to sell their products.
That is one of the misconceptions about Etsy. You do not need to be creative and/or be able to make anything to sell on Etsy. You can literally sell anything on Etsy - good and services.

Also, contrary to popular belief, Etsy is the third largest eCommerce site in the UK behind only Amazon and eBay. There are currently 81 million ACTIVE buyers on Etsy but only 4.1 million sellers!

Now is the time to start selling on Etsy, as Covid-19 has caused a surge in online sales and it is here to stay, even though we're nearly out of lockdown.
You can start selling online now. You don't need a huge amount of money for stock, you just need to know how to get your business off to a flying start from day 1.
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