Optimizing the eCommerce customer experience (Manchester)

Join our new eCommerce event at the eclectic Huckletree Ancoats co-working space in central Manchester to discover how to optimize a new visitor's entire experience, from using personification tactics for brand new shoppers all the way to re-converting customers with loyalty programs.

A good customer experience should encompass the entire customer journey, from the minute a new visitor lands on your website. That's why we've asked the experts at PushON and Endless Gain to team up with us and help you build a smooth customer journey with multiple touchpoints.

By optimizing the eCommerce customer experience for new visitors to your site, you’ll not only convert more shoppers into customers, you’ll also boost loyalty and retention, encouraging customers to return to your site to repeat the experience.

We would also like to invite you to stay for the after party and enjoy some drinks with other digital marketing industry leaders.
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