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    The First Of Many

    Your first post ever!
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    Lucky Shot

    Your post was liked by someone, maybe it's just luck?
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    Welcome to TWF! For being here for 5 days, here are some trophy points for you!
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    A Few Minutes Spent

    10 posts in! Members are starting to see you!
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    Starting Out...

    Somebody out there reacted positively to one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more!
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    I Am Sure It's A Fluke

    You got 5 likes! I wonder what makes your posts interesting?
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    Getting Quite Active

    30 posts mark! You've been getting active recently!
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    Some Find Me Interesting...

    10 likes. What seems to be interesting in your posts?
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    I Am Enjoying This!

    Your messages have been positively reacted to 25 times.
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    I Think Some Of Them Are Trolling Me...

    30 likes in, maybe they just want to play around and accidentally hit the like button?
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    10 posts and 10 likes, not bad for a start!
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    I Sense A Good Feeling Here

    You've been here for 15 days now! Been enjoying your stay?
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    A 100th Time's A Charm

    Content you have posted has attracted a positive reaction score of 100.
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    Seems Like I'm Approachable

    50 likes, maybe seriously they are considering what you have to say?
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    Getting Focused

    You've reached 50 messages and had 50 likes! Looking good out there!
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    I Do Have A Lot Of Questions….

    1% of your posts were liked by members. Maybe you've been asking a lot of questions?
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    Been Here A Month!

    You been registered for a month now! Lots more as time goes by!
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    Showing Off Our Page

    You've added your Facebook Page to your profile! Now see it take shape!
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    Want To See My Tweets?

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    I Am Professionally Linked

    You've added your personal LinkedIn Profile! Get more connections from here on!
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    I Am Getting Old….

    Happy Birthday! Here is an achievement for celebrating your birthday with us!
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    Getting Talkative

    250 posts in, you sure do post a lot!
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    Surely I Give Out Good Advice

    100 likes now! Well likely your advice seems to matter to some now!
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    You're a MOTM hero!

    You're a winner of our Member of the Month award and in our eyes, a real hero!
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    Sometimes I Ask, Sometimes I Answer

    5% of your posts were liked. You do get appreciated but not by much.
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    A Quarter And More

    A 3 month stay and you're doing fine! Pretty sure you gotten used to the community!
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    Guess Who?

    You've revealed your real name! Now members will get to know who you are and gain more credibility!
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    Popularity Ensues

    100 posts and 100 likes! Now that's what we call true popularity!
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    Nothing Else To Do

    Your content has been positively reacted to 250 times.
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    At Least I Put In Some Effort…

    10% of your posts were liked! You've gotten some recognition, though not too much!
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    Just Had My Anniversary Here!

    Congratulations! You've been registered to TWF for a year now!
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    Reached Regular

    You have met the requirements for reaching regular status! Enjoy the added privileges on your account and this achievement!
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    Under Everyone's Radar

    250 likes! More and more are seeing your potential!
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    2 Years And Still Here For More!

    Happy 2 years since your registration here! Here's an achievement for you!
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    Needs Social Life

    Content you have posted has attracted 500 positive reactions.
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    Was Flagged For Spam

    1,000 posts! Are you sure you are not just spamming?
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    Rising Star

    500 Likes! Members are recognising your guides and advice!
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    A Bright Spark

    300 posts and 300 likes! A future star is being born!
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    I Could Become Witty At Times…

    30% of your posts were liked! Pretty average but still have a name!
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    3rd Year And Going Strong

    It's your 3rd year of anniversary since joining TWF! Lot has changed since then, do you still remember?
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    Coming In From Facebook!

    You've registered to TWF using Facebook! Great to see you connecting with us!
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    Saw This From Twitter!

    You've associated your account with Twitter! Hope you see more tweets from us!
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    Google Brought Me Here

    You've associated your TWF account with Google! Why don't you add us to your circles as well?
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    Locally Advertises

    Thank you for being an advertiser in TWF! For that, here is an exclusive achievement for local advertisers!
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    Selling Worldwide

    Thank you for being an international advertiser in TWF! Here is an achievement trophy for being a part of this group!
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    Nothing To Hide

    You've completed everything there is in your profile! Everyone will surely not doubt who you are!
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    Have A Lot To Say

    1,500 posts! You seem to have a lot in mind!
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    5 Years, Where's My Watch?

    5 years of being a member in TWF! Can you believe it's been that long?
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    My Wisdom Is Pure

    2,500 posts. You are serious in discussing things!
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    5,000 posts! Everyone's turning to you for advice now!
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    7,500 posts! You have now become a cradle of knowledge according to our members!
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    Master of Words

    10,000 posts! Certainly a master in discussing matters with colleagues!
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    This Is How I Roll!

    1,000 likes from members! Your feedbacks are now taken with high regard!
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    500 posts and 500 likes? Your posts are getting magical!
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    I'm Good 50% Of The Time

    Your posts are of good value! Half the time someone likes your post!
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    Hanging Around For 10 Years

    A decade since joining and going strong! Is your business bigger now than when we started?
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    A Renowned Member

    Congratulations! Getting to Renowned is not an easy task! Get exclusive sections and some perks in this upgrade, not to mention a new banner and this achievement!
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    Security Is My Priority

    You've enabled 2 step verification! Your account should now be more secure!
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    My Feedbacks Are Highly Regarded

    1,500 likes! You are more important to everyone than most!
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    Business Advocate

    15,000 posts in! Everyone's relying on your opinion!
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    As Real As It Gets

    2,000 likes! A small group of people whose voice matter in the TWF community!
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    We Go Back Way Long…

    Happy to see you! 15 years since joining is quite the time, and we appreciate that you are a member after all these years!
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    Real Entrepreneur

    20,000 posts! A feat only the elite few can reach! Welcome to the 20,000 club!
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    Business Coach

    3,000 likes! Members are looking for your ideas on how to solve their problems!
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    Chances Are, I'm Right

    You are significant! There's a 75% chance that your post will get a like!
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    So Old, I'm Ancient

    We've known you for 20 years now, that's quite a feat! We hope you are still enjoying TWF, with all the changes we face. You truly are a good friend of The Wholesale Forums!
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    A True Social Person

    You've associated your account to Facebook, Twitter and Google! That some wide social connection you got there!
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    Business Is Booming

    You can't stop and reached 25,000! Truly such astounding work!
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    4,000 likes! You do this giving advice gig as a full time job!
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    Chief Adviser

    No once can beat your knowledge! 30,000 posts makes your opinion matter everywhere!
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    Business Inspiration

    5,000 likes! Your posts start to become pages of a business bible, every word you spurt out becomes the truth!
  72. 300

    Smart Cookie

    1,000 posts and 1,000 likes? Everyone's thinking you are too smart for them!
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    What I Post Is What They Like

    You area real charmer! Each post you put in gets a like!
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    Business Executive

    40,000 posts! A feat unsurpassed by many! Your words are gold in the eyes of the people!
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    7,500 likes! Your name is becoming a household name for advice and guidance! Your popularity is off the charts!
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    I Spend More Time Here Than In Business

    This is getting ridiculous! Do you even still have a business despite posting so much here?
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    Legendary Advisor

    Nothing compares to you! With 10,000 likes, your mere words become food for everyone. A single post rakes in hundreds of followers and you've become a legend of your own!
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    A huge following for you! 2,000 posts and liked 2,000 times!
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    You know all kinds of things! 3,000 posts and 3,000 likes is unheard of!