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  • Hi.
    Wondering if you can help, paid for an advertising subscription in Feb, when logging in to my account, i cant list any adverts and have no replies from my messages?
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    Hello, Anthony is no longer part of TSC. Can you give me more information about this? We've checked, and can't seem to find anything, document wise etc from you.

    Jenilee agreed to a refund via email but could not locate my payment as she stated i was providing the wrong email. I have now sent a screenshot with the transaction details and am opening a case with paypal. I would be grateful if this could be accepted as soon as possible as it has landed me a lot of charges.
    Hi Anthony, I hope all is well. I have messaged Jenilee a number of times with no reply. There has been an error with my payment account and even though I have cancelled the re occurring payment with paypal it came through in error.
    It seems to be difficult to sell Branded clothing on this platform. I understand it may be easy for generic products.

    On TSC I could simply use a template to upload stock thus generate leads as well as direct sales.
    Could you permit us to simply upload an Excel spreadsheet on Stockshifters as that is how a lot of real experienced wholesalers work?
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    Hi Dev, yes I realise you could upload a spreadsheet easier using the older method. Such a method isn't possible with the Stockshifters system as its more suitable for individual stock lots. You can upload manifests to your listings in Stockshifters which might achieve the same result you're after?
    Hello, I'm finding I have the same issue.
    We are currently operating through Thailand as well as the UK.
    We initially paid for membership on The Supplier Central because we wanted to gain email contacts. This function is no longer available to us via Stockshifters so we are not happy about paying for an effectively useless service.

    Kind Regards,
    Hi Anthony,
    I'm trying to post on Marketplace for some products that works better there than at Stockshifters.
    Got back from Jenilee that UK seller are not allow to post in Marketplace since March, is there anyway I can post in Marketplace.
    Can I register myself as an International Advertiser as I'm now in China and having office in both UK and Malaysia?
    Please advice.
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    Yes, we can probably do that for you, John. Drop me a line via PM and give me some more details on your business in China. Thanks
    Fancy winning an iPad or an Amazon Kindle? Just tell us what's the best business advice you've ever received. See the news forum for details
    Finally a bit of time to contribute to some of the discussions on TSC. What have I missed folks?!
    I'm not sure how I feel about today being Friday. I don't know if I am ready for another weekend just yet?!
    Congratulations to planner (aka. Martin) who is this months winner of MOTM. Fantastic stuff!
    Happy New Year to all our members, advertisers and partners. Best wishes for 2012!
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