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  • I am no longer working for The Supplier Central. Please get in touch with @Jenilee if you need help with anything.
    Hi Cody. We're due to launch a dropshipping service in August.

    Where do you recommend advertising this in the forums, and do you have any advertising packages that can get many people looking at this?

    Kind regards,
    Hi, we want to advertise our new no commission, bulk clearance auction facility - what section would you suggest would get the most views as the ones that seem relevant have not had much interaction for some time it would seem. Or are you happy for us to pop it in a couple of discussion forums to see what happens. Many Thanks, Andy
    Hi Andy, happy for you to create various discussions about this, otherwise create some threads in the relevant marketplace sections (stock listings). I'll then be happy to promote this across our social media accounts too.
    Hi, Thanks for that. I have posted in three or four (didn't want to spam it!) discussions (using the title: Zero Commission Stock Auctions)

    Take a look and see if ok and feel free to share across your social media :)

    We have implemented Facebook, Twitter & Google login capability. Check it out!
    Some great new features coming with our upgrade. Stay tuned everyone :D
    Hello Cody, Is it possible for CodesWholesale to use private messaging to communicate with other members. We'd like to contact the user known as lasvenas. Thanks!
    Hello, yes this should be possible. Let me know if you're struggling to private message them. Thanks :D
    Could you tell me where this option is available? Is is "Start conversation"?
    Yes, that's right, click that button, then type in the name of the person you want to contact (@lasvenas) etc.
    If you're looking to get involved with guest articles hit me up. We'd love to work with you on it and promote your business too!
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