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  1. 300

    What I Post Is What They Like

    You area real charmer! Each post you put in gets a like!
  2. 200

    Chances Are, I'm Right

    You are significant! There's a 75% chance that your post will get a like!
  3. 100

    I'm Good 50% Of The Time

    Your posts are of good value! Half the time someone likes your post!
  4. 50

    I Could Become Witty At Times…

    30% of your posts were liked! Pretty average but still have a name!
  5. 30

    At Least I Put In Some Effort…

    10% of your posts were liked! You've gotten some recognition, though not too much!
  6. 20

    Sometimes I Ask, Sometimes I Answer

    5% of your posts were liked. You do get appreciated but not by much.
  7. 10

    I Do Have A Lot Of Questions….

    1% of your posts were liked by members. Maybe you've been asking a lot of questions?
  8. 1

    Lucky Shot

    Your post was liked by someone, maybe it's just luck?
  9. 1

    The First Of Many

    Your first post ever!