We are exclusive UK distributor for European Consumer Electronics brands Platinet, Omega, Freestyle, Fiesta and VARR. Our various ranges of products are Bluetooth Speaker/Earphones/Headphones, Power Bank, Data Cable, USB Flash Drive, SSD and many other MOBILE, COMPUTER & GAMING accessories. All the products from us comes with 24 months warranty. We hold physical stock and are able to dispatch orders efficiently and safely anywhere in the world using our trusted delivery network as we have partnered with logistic such as Royal Mail, Parcel force, DHL, UPS. We can cater your need from small quantity to pallets for large volume shipment.Please contact us to get the price quote. Please take a looks at our online catalogues: https://ezonedistribution.com/catalouges/

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Atit Singh
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Wholesale & Distributor for European Consumer Electronics Brand PLATINET, OMEGA, FREESTYLE, FIESTA & VARR. We offer full 24 MONTHS WARRANTY for all our products.
Take a look at our online catalogue : https://ezonedistribution.com/catalouges/
Contact: M: 07535115596, E: [email protected], Skype:eZoneDistribution.co.uk




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