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  1. fd.ltd.uk

    Starting up an Import-export business in UK

    So you want to be a middleman or agent ? This is an entirely different matter . What you need to do is research the market and choose sellers that you think have a good product that will sell in a market or a manner in which it is difficult for them to reach. For example , you may wish to offer...
  2. fd.ltd.uk

    Starting up an Import-export business in UK

    Food is a good business as everybody has to eat. the question for you is how to distribute in the UK. For that you will need to find a cost effective and trustworthy distributor. This could well be a far better option than starting in the UK form nothign as you will have a lot of costs. Whatever...
  3. fd.ltd.uk

    Supplier asking for registration number. Should I send my UTR or PAYE number?

    With your VAT number then can supply you without adding on VAT , if within EU Don't forget to add on the letters "GB" in front of the number
  4. fd.ltd.uk

    Newbie starting out in business

    Welcome to the cut and thrust of business . Given the manner the question is set out in I suggest you try notional spending on items and see whether you could have sold them. In other words , don't jump in until you've had a trial run without actual spending. Compare to what the item has...
  5. fd.ltd.uk

    Costs of small unit insurance

    Correct, stock is your responsibility . It's a matter of shopping around and of course depends on the nature of the stock as well as how secure the unit is. Make sure you do not underinsure. I actually use a broker because it is useful when dealing claims history , stock changes etc , but I am...
  6. fd.ltd.uk

    Struggling to find a gap in the market

    That's a good bottom line return , but for small items is not so out of the ordinary . Remember that as you grow you;ll have VAT to knock out of the selling price BEFORE deducting fees . I see no need to enter a price war especially if the other guy is established. They will defend their pitch...
  7. fd.ltd.uk

    What stock did you start with?

    Start with something you know a bit about or can easily learn about . It can take time to find the right stock and you may have to fiddle or tweak. We started out with a certain line and then the market moved dramatically and we had to cut and run. However , there were 50 pallets or so from a...
  8. fd.ltd.uk

    Registered as sole trader but with 2 businesses

    If you use cash in the bank as a crude but quick snapshot of how you are doing then you'll want 2 accounts. Normally a business account has the name of the business or "trading as" on it , so people could be confused if they receive payment from a business name they have not dealt with
  9. fd.ltd.uk

    Is there any legal guidelines I need to follow to sell from home?

    You mention community . If you are renting or subject to "community" rules you may be barred from trading from your home. I am not aware of rules about "smoking accessories" but it would make for bad publicity to flog these to 8 year olds !
  10. fd.ltd.uk

    Costs of small unit insurance

    If you are renting landlords normally charge you insurance on top of the rent
  11. fd.ltd.uk

    Most efficient way to track profit/loss

    A perfectly good way to do it. I do that as well !
  12. fd.ltd.uk

    Most efficient way to track profit/loss

    Although you ask about tracking a loss it is important to read what I am saying in this area generally . There are 2 ways to approach this aspect generally Firstly , is as you note , to track each item ad if there is no margin or a loss then ditch it . However, you may prefer to look at the...
  13. fd.ltd.uk

    Trying to find a detailed VAT guide

    Just remember that just because they tell you something it doesn't mean it is correct . The rules change all the time ....
  14. fd.ltd.uk

    How to turn an idea worth a lot of money into reality?

    Just make sure you don't throw all your assets into a black hole - make sure you knwo what it will cost to get to market , double it and then seriosuly ask yourself if it is achievable. If you haven't got the expertise yourself , odds are somebody will shaft you along the way
  15. fd.ltd.uk

    Ideas on company names, slogans & marketing strategies

    Given that the company sales diverse items I woudl stick with a non-descript name for now but have a line under the name summarising what you do. The slogans you have given are not helpful in getting out what you sell