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    Does TSC have APP?

    less active of TSC than 2012, hah...
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    You never get if you never ask

    Joshua is correct, and even with high speed train, it will takes about 2hours (single way) from train station to some factories. Need to have a detail factory tour plan after visiting the trade show, if you will visiting these factories.
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    Any tips on sourcing from Alibaba?

    i searched by "alibaba" title only in TSC,and get similar topic below except that, you can refer to Cody thread below, and make sure you choose supplier with both links and telephone# (not mobile#)...
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    China Sourcing Agent

    hi, i do think both of you are right. Barry face to buyer from larger company with professional knowledegs of proudcts, and strictly buying procedure. They will sign Golden sealed samples and ask 3rd party to do inline/final inspections to make sure things are runing smoothly and receiving...
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    Equestrian Wear From China

    personal opinion -- Better quality, you can go to Dongguan city in Guangdong, Ningbo City in Zhejiang Ningbo, and of cause you can go to Jiangsu but i am not sure about which city is famous. - Better price, you could go to Jinjiang and Quanzhou city in Fujian These information might be...
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    Am I paying too much for my stock???

    if they are selling well, i would suggest- a) buy as much as you can based on your monthly forecast or quater forecast to save the freight handling fee, etc; b) make a good-looking package to increase the add value of your product, but not to much c) similar to option a), but you can place a...
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    Christmas Import - HELP!!

    if you have any chinese charactar of the amy / company contact or company name, then i might help to check further info for you email address mean nothing as this is not their website. fyi: Recently years, all the websites need to be registerred and filing by the China goverment.
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    Does TSC have APP?

    I didn't come for years, and return recently. Just want to ask if TSC has APP? If yes, please anyone know where to downlod and provide a link, thanks. By the way, I lost my password and really not easy to find it back due to i am blocked (i don't know by who). the i use an VPN to access the...
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    Alibaba payments - how to deal?

    Jacky had answered your concerns. Well done,Jacky
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    Alibaba payments - how to deal?

    Hi mate, Alibaba has its own payment method as paypal.It is complicated if you use paypal to pay your goods. Regards small parcel,the seller usually use EMS parcel services to airship from China to UK for FREE. Such as HK Post,UK Post,China EMS Post. It takes 7-30 days from China to UK...
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    Cheap electronic branded goods from China?

    Accessories are reliable,but not original APPLE products!
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    Electronic accessories trade show?

    hi mate, how about pay a visit to Shenzhen,China. You can come to Shenzhen from HongKong directly. China Consumer Electronics Fair 2013 Time:2013.4.10-12 Venue Location:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Strategic Partner in Europe:Mesago Messe Frankfurt Frank
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    How do we find real Chinese factories & not middleman?

    Most of China manufacturers haven't had a website. That's why middleman everywhere in alibaba/GS/MIC platform.
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    Chinese agent required for sourcing from China

    FYI: Following cities have lots of manufacturer of garments: Guangzhou city and Dongguan city,in Guangdong Province, it takes 2 hours from Hongkong to above two cities; Hangzhou city and Ningbo city in Zhejiang Province,it takes 3 hours from Shanghai to above two cities; You also can find...
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    Shenzhen Webo Industrial Co., Limited: Questionable company

    Hi Rachel, According to the company title,i found that it's a trader,not manufacturer. Best of luck! Frank