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    Computers, components and laptops

    the old bpost one! same as me, invalid. £1200 for me. what consoles do you sell, i may be int in doing some deals.
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    Computers, components and laptops

    yes, i registered the issue with a belguim company but have not rec'd any help. are you uk based? what do you deal in? if we get nowhere direct, could club together to pursue.
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    Computers, components and laptops

    i've pm'd you it. let me know how you do, i'd suggest whats apping as its all in writing then
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    Computers, components and laptops

    Hi no problem, i didn't hear from him, but yesterday started digging and found a telephone number. i called and he answered. His name is Tourik i can send you his license over. We chatted and he has sorted it with the postal people and is going to refund me this week apparently after he...
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    Computers, components and laptops

    hi seeking the stock mentioned above in various amounts, small and medium lots. preferably UK sellers. Any laptops i'd want UK QWERTY or US QWERTY keyboards. Seeking gaming pc's and USFF or SFF desktops. SSD's, CPU's and memory wanted. Due to a recent deal on these forums going very badly...
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    Wanted: laptops, desktops and SSD

    hi seeking good UK suppliers or european suppliers for trade price stock. Not looking to pay retail, good solid low prices for good stock.
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    Laptop DDR3L sodimm

    i am seeking bulk purchases of DDR3 Low voltage 1.35v laptop ram. Send me your offers, seeking 50 plus units, 4 or 8 gb sodimms only please. no 2GB sticks.
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    Laptops, phones and computers wanted

    found it thanks. any other brands?
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    Laptops, phones and computers wanted

    what type please? conditions?
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    Laptops, phones and computers wanted

    Hi I am UK based and seeking a supplier for trade price laptops, working or in need of repair, but with most functions. UK keyboards preferably . Dell, hp, apple , Lenovo or Samsung /Toshiba. Also phones and gaming pcs and desktops. I buy small to medium lots and pallets Send me your...
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    Stock Offer 50 000 Euro Retail Value Customer Returns

    manifest and if they all work to [email protected] please
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    Best suppliers for IT hardware resale?

    who are they please?
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    Kozmic Solutionz

    hi can i have a stock list please [email protected]
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    ITS Computers Ltd

    do you also sell laptops and pcs? your name is its computers :)