Trophies awarded to Nora Rodriguez

  1. 10

    I Am Professionally Linked

    You've added your personal LinkedIn Profile! Get more connections from here on!
  2. 20

    Guess Who?

    You've revealed your real name! Now members will get to know who you are and gain more credibility!
  3. 20

    A Quarter And More

    A 3 month stay and you're doing fine! Pretty sure you gotten used to the community!
  4. 10

    Been Here A Month!

    You been registered for a month now! Lots more as time goes by!
  5. 5

    I Sense A Good Feeling Here

    You've been here for 15 days now! Been enjoying your stay?
  6. 1


    Welcome to TWF! For being here for 5 days, here are some trophy points for you!
  7. 300

    What I Post Is What They Like

    You area real charmer! Each post you put in gets a like!
  8. 200

    Chances Are, I'm Right

    You are significant! There's a 75% chance that your post will get a like!
  9. 100

    I'm Good 50% Of The Time

    Your posts are of good value! Half the time someone likes your post!
  10. 50

    I Could Become Witty At Times…

    30% of your posts were liked! Pretty average but still have a name!
  11. 30

    At Least I Put In Some Effort…

    10% of your posts were liked! You've gotten some recognition, though not too much!
  12. 20

    Sometimes I Ask, Sometimes I Answer

    5% of your posts were liked. You do get appreciated but not by much.
  13. 10

    I Do Have A Lot Of Questions….

    1% of your posts were liked by members. Maybe you've been asking a lot of questions?
  14. 1

    Lucky Shot

    Your post was liked by someone, maybe it's just luck?
  15. 1

    The First Of Many

    Your first post ever!