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    Rtx 2070 super or wait for the rtx 3070

    thank you my issue has been solved
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    Rtx 2070 super or wait for the rtx 3070

    Hi fellow computer enthusiasts! I am about to build a new gaming rig using a rtx 2070 super but I have some questions. 1. Since the nvidia 3000 series is dropping real soon, will the prices go down a on the rtx 2070 super and if yes, about how much? 2. About how much better will the 3k series be...
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    My Dell G3 15 is overheating when I open... well, any game at all.

    I have a Dell G3 15 (i7 10th gen processor, GeForce RTX 2060 graphics), but when I open pretty much any game (including Minecraft) the fan kicks into high gear. This is all well and good, but my fps consistenly drops from like 100 to 10 withing 10 minutes of playing any game, period. Is this a...