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    Best Courier to Post Car Parts

    Hi Zah, I hope you are well. Which channels are you selling via? If you are sending a minimum of 20 parcels per day on average then we may be able to help. Here's a case study about a car parts supplier (car mats in this case) which is probably most relevant to your business...

    News Royal Mail First National Strike

    We have found that merchants utilising Parcelhub’s delivery management and customer services solutions are seeking greater choice and flexibility with their carrier options. This is partly due to the often turbulent nature of the courier sector (as above), in addition to the fact that consumers...

    Shipping Couriers

    Thanks Cody, Most carriers will accept these items but you will need to sign a dangerous goods/limited quantities agreement. For more information please get in touch and a member of our sales team will review your current shipping setup: Kind...

    Opinions on my new website :)

    Seems easy to use. Consider adding Twitter and Facebook links, and a newsletter subscribe option (using an embedded signup from MailChimp). To improve image quality without compromising load speed, upload hi res image to Photoshop, then save for web at 60% quality.

    How To Save On Shipping ?

    Depending on your daily volumes, we may be able to help. Please find our latest eBay seller shipping case study here: Best regards, Simon

    Offer Ended/Closed FREE Multi-Carrier eCommerce Shipping Software

    Sending 1000, 500 or even 10 parcels a day? Save time and money with Parcelhub - The bespoke parcel shipping solution. Parcelhub is a flexible and scalable eCommerce and Wholesale parcel shipping solution, that integrates seamlessly with your order management system, whether you are selling...

    Pick and Pack Service UK

    Distributing more than 3 million parcels on behalf of hundreds of eCommerce retailers and wholesalers, Parcelhub and sister company Mail Workshop picks and packs orders in the centrally located Nottingham distribution centre, enabling our global clients to offer dropshipping services to their...

    How do you source unique products?

    Hi Cody and Erik, Thanks very much for your excellent feedback; really appreciated. Article will be published later this week and I will share a link here. Best regards, Simon

    Shipping alternatives to Royal Mail?

    Hi Shaun, Depending on your business location and daily parcel traffic, we may be able to help. Best regards, Simon

    How do you source unique products?

    Hi all, For an upcoming article, I need to do some research on how wholesalers source a unique products to sell online or via wholesale. I see this as possibly being the greatest roadblock to achieving success. Is it true that having a unique product range is the key success driver, or is it...

    German eCommerce Expos?

    Hi all, Has anyone had any experience at any business exhibitions targeted at the German eCommerce industry, or anywhere in mainland Europe for that matter? Best regards, Simon

    Looking for wholesale packaging materials

    Hi Emilanna, Not sure what quantities you are looking for, but can recommend Lil Packaging. Best regards, Simon

    Which UK courier services offer the best & most reliable service?

    How many items are you sending daily? Depending on your business location and frequency we may be able to accomodate.

    Catalogue Fulfilment Services

    Mail Workshop provides bespoke catalogue fulfilment services to some of Europe's leading brands, since 2003. Mail Workshop services are comprehensive, including bulk picking, packing and distibution of catalogues, with daily despatch available. All catalogue shipments can be tracked and traced...

    Should I sell on ebay alongside website

    Sell on as many marketplaces as possible, and focus on driving your eBay and Amazon customers to make repeat purchases on your own website (by offering some sort of incentive), to maximise long term revenue (and reduce your selling fees) for each customer.