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  1. 100

    Hanging Around For 10 Years

    A decade since joining and going strong! Is your business bigger now than when we started?
  2. 70

    5 Years, Where's My Watch?

    5 years of being a member in TWF! Can you believe it's been that long?
  3. 50

    3rd Year And Going Strong

    It's your 3rd year of anniversary since joining TWF! Lot has changed since then, do you still remember?
  4. 40

    2 Years And Still Here For More!

    Happy 2 years since your registration here! Here's an achievement for you!
  5. 30

    Just Had My Anniversary Here!

    Congratulations! You've been registered to TWF for a year now!
  6. 20

    A Quarter And More

    A 3 month stay and you're doing fine! Pretty sure you gotten used to the community!
  7. 10

    Been Here A Month!

    You been registered for a month now! Lots more as time goes by!
  8. 5

    I Sense A Good Feeling Here

    You've been here for 15 days now! Been enjoying your stay?
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    Welcome to TWF! For being here for 5 days, here are some trophy points for you!
  10. 30

    At Least I Put In Some Effort…

    10% of your posts were liked! You've gotten some recognition, though not too much!
  11. 20

    Sometimes I Ask, Sometimes I Answer

    5% of your posts were liked. You do get appreciated but not by much.
  12. 10

    I Do Have A Lot Of Questions….

    1% of your posts were liked by members. Maybe you've been asking a lot of questions?
  13. 300

    Smart Cookie

    1,000 posts and 1,000 likes? Everyone's thinking you are too smart for them!
  14. 100


    500 posts and 500 likes? Your posts are getting magical!
  15. 50

    A Bright Spark

    300 posts and 300 likes! A future star is being born!
  16. 25

    Popularity Ensues

    100 posts and 100 likes! Now that's what we call true popularity!
  17. 10

    Getting Focused

    You've reached 50 messages and had 50 likes! Looking good out there!
  18. 5


    10 posts and 10 likes, not bad for a start!
  19. 125

    My Feedbacks Are Highly Regarded

    1,500 likes! You are more important to everyone than most!
  20. 100

    This Is How I Roll!

    1,000 likes from members! Your feedbacks are now taken with high regard!
  21. 50

    Rising Star

    500 Likes! Members are recognising your guides and advice!
  22. 35

    Under Everyone's Radar

    250 likes! More and more are seeing your potential!
  23. 15

    Surely I Give Out Good Advice

    100 likes now! Well likely your advice seems to matter to some now!
  24. 10

    Seems Like I'm Approachable

    50 likes, maybe seriously they are considering what you have to say?
  25. 5

    I Think Some Of Them Are Trolling Me...

    30 likes in, maybe they just want to play around and accidentally hit the like button?
  26. 3

    Some Find Me Interesting...

    10 likes. What seems to be interesting in your posts?
  27. 2

    I Am Sure It's A Fluke

    You got 5 likes! I wonder what makes your posts interesting?
  28. 1

    Lucky Shot

    Your post was liked by someone, maybe it's just luck?
  29. 100

    Master of Words

    10,000 posts! Certainly a master in discussing matters with colleagues!
  30. 100


    7,500 posts! You have now become a cradle of knowledge according to our members!
  31. 95


    5,000 posts! Everyone's turning to you for advice now!
  32. 80

    My Wisdom Is Pure

    2,500 posts. You are serious in discussing things!
  33. 65

    Have A Lot To Say

    1,500 posts! You seem to have a lot in mind!
  34. 50

    Was Flagged For Spam

    1,000 posts! Are you sure you are not just spamming?
  35. 45

    Needs Social Life

    Content you have posted has attracted 500 positive reactions.
  36. 30

    Nothing Else To Do

    Your content has been positively reacted to 250 times.
  37. 10

    A 100th Time's A Charm

    Content you have posted has attracted a positive reaction score of 100.
  38. 5

    I Am Enjoying This!

    Your messages have been positively reacted to 25 times.
  39. 2

    Starting Out...

    Somebody out there reacted positively to one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more!
  40. 15

    Getting Talkative

    250 posts in, you sure do post a lot!
  41. 3

    Getting Quite Active

    30 posts mark! You've been getting active recently!
  42. 2

    A Few Minutes Spent

    10 posts in! Members are starting to see you!
  43. 1

    The First Of Many

    Your first post ever!