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    Ever tried working on tablets?

    Sorry Erik, I couldn't think of anything worse! I tried it once with an iPad, specifically for being out and about/on holiday etc, but ended up buying a MacBook Air because it drove me nuts!
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    Starting my blog

    OK, you asked for feedback, here it is: 1. You are on a free Wordpress hosting. To get any sort of credibility, or ranking in Google, then you really should look to get your own domain name and hosting in place. You will find it hard to obtain new readers or any search engine traffic for this...
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    sheryl berrell

    Hi and welcome to TSC!
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    Return business address help please

    As said, I don't think an address is a problem. My advice is to go with your address, keep costs down. Be more concerned with giving a professional service rather than worrying about the perceived professionalism an address gives.
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    BidOnThis Emails

    In the nicest way possible then Helen, first piece of feedback is to market your business ethically and to take your own advice as you wrote here. Bit naughty to take TSC subscribers database and import them into your own IMO. And anyways, you should already know that obtaining emails like this...
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    Business ideas?

    I do think mass market is wrong my friend. I believe you have to go niche. You will find it much easier to go niche than go mass market. My best advice is to focus on one particular area, and then by all means, grow outwards and upwards.
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    Business ideas?

    Number of things you could do here: eBay, selling equipment, sports wear etc. Amazon, the same thing. Start a blog, write about sports/health/guys stuff and monetize it through adverts. I think first though, you really need to narrow down what you want to do, and niche right on down with a USP.
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    TSC at The Business Show 2015 - 13 - 14 May 2015

    LOL ditto. Hope it all goes well Erik.
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    Buyer wants to pay by debit card

    I would be reluctant too - as you have said, tell them about the option to pay on card via Paypal. Was it a particularly high priced item?
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    New powerseller!

    Welcome to TSC Sarah!
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    eBay personal or business account?

    Turn your existing account into a business account (and take advantage of the already built up feedback) , and start a new personal one. It's the easiest way.
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    Wholesale pallets of returns - any good?

    I had a couple of pallets once. The biggest problem for me was the sorting and testing of the products. I think I spent around 30-40 hours on one, and just managed to break even, with a small profit on the second one. Good luck.
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    Taking studio photos.

    Just a thought on the setting. A good photoshopper could take a photo of a bed, and embed it into a 'classy apartment'.
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    Just want to say HI!!!

    Hi and welcome to the forums Del Boy!
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    Where to spend wisely

    Hi Chacha. Research is the key at the start. Don't jump in blindly, research everything thoroughly and leave no stone unturned. Good luck with finding some suitable supplies.
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    Daily mail newspaper eBay feature

    Never had a problem with eBay and CS myself. I agree Koen, however you do need to constantly drive the traffic when you have your own site.
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    New Member Intro

    Hi and welcome to TSC :)
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    Okay, I think I'm about to take the plunge but have a few questions...

    Hi. 1) Use this tool: http://www.importcalculator.com/ 2) Personally speaking, I'd go with both. You may find demand is higher on one platform than another. No harm in doing both. 3) Yes, as the added cost of recorded is not worth it in the grand scheme of things. 4) You would need to inform...
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    Is you website mobile friendly? Else you're in big troubles

    Agree with eBafy, Yep it's good to browse on the go, but i never spend extended times on my mobile. For instance, I was on a travel site before looking for a hotel, I just quit out because it just wasn't suited to mobile - much prefer my MacBook!
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    Closed Wordpress Website Setup Packages|Blog|Review Sites|eCommerce|More...

    Cheers. Agreed, it's so easy once it's set up, that's the beauty of Wordpress.