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  1. MarkHenry

    How To Persuade People To Open Marketing Emails?

    Hi, I agree with @psxgamer, @Cody, @Mike Cartwright Try: 1. Attracting subject line & should be short 2. Avoid Offers, Best Deals, Free things, etc. etc. 3. A short email is good 4. Try to mention recipient's F. name I am using those always. 25-35% is my rate. It's not good enough but I am...
  2. MarkHenry


    Hi, Good question! It's so important nowadays. It can bring you a lot of traffic now in the competitive market. Every online businessman is doing this. You can give some time to research a little bit on this then you will get the answer on your own. It will help you to go ahead with a proper...
  3. MarkHenry

    Best product to sell online today?

    It depends on what you are interested in. It can be an Electronic product or baby product etc. etc. Research more and make a decision.
  4. MarkHenry

    How can I get more organic traffic (SEO)?

    Hi William, You mentioned you want to get traffic to your website in organic ways. That's good! I mean this is the first thing that you realize that your website needs organic traffic to boost ranking on SERP. What should you do: 1. Research (70% of your time) to find low competitive keywords...
  5. MarkHenry

    Does Your Video Content Get Lower Organic Reach On Facebook?

    Sorry to hear this. Here is a list what I did for my video content: 1. I shared my video content on various & popular FB groups (Must be a relevant group) 2. I made some postings asking some questions regarding this clip's story 3. You should make a video on a popular topic.
  6. MarkHenry

    Surviving The Heat!

    They are expensive. Personally, I like that they have reduced the noise levels down to 80 dBA. That's why it is good for me than the new Xlerator 500.
  7. MarkHenry

    Shopify or Magento

    Yes, I heard good things about Magento platform. I didn't try it yet. I have a plan to try it in the coming year. Thanks, Lauren, for your helpful writing.
  8. MarkHenry

    Advice On Selling Own Branded Clothing Online

    Can you please mention the store? It would be good to check for the first time. Thanks
  9. MarkHenry

    Anyone tried merkandi.com?

    It is a hard and important job for you to choose a trustworthy supplier. Also, you have to continuously monitor their quality. Only then you can realize their service quality. In this case, I have a good experience with Suplyd. It is s suppliers marketplace and directory. Still, It is good...
  10. MarkHenry

    Shopify or Magento

    If you want to try something easy then you must go for shopify. It's my opinion only. Thanks!
  11. MarkHenry

    Which eCommerce platform do you use?

    Still, shopify is the best for me.
  12. MarkHenry

    Advice On Selling Own Branded Clothing Online

    It's really hard to tell something about it without checking the store first. Thanks
  13. MarkHenry

    Hi everyone I am Mark Henry!

    Thanks and sure! I will.
  14. MarkHenry

    Hi everyone I am Mark Henry!

    Nice to meet you all.