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  1. ethan Thomas

    Flava® Turbo Can - Car and Home Air Freshener Blast Can (available in 4 scents)

    Flava Turbo Cans form part of our extensive Flava® range. Turbo cans effectively fill a large room with fresh scent using our ‘one big burst’ technology. Also ideal for freshening fabrics around the home & car. Directions for use: Spray in one short burst away from the body and allow to...
  2. ethan Thomas

    Closed Soap Dispenser Spray Gun Hose Adaptor

    Fill up the built-in soap container, connect the soap dispenser spray gun to your garden hose and enjoy washing without carrying buckets of soapy water through the house. Perfect for use on cars, bikes, garden furniture, pets and much more. Can also be used as a regular water spray gun by...
  3. ethan Thomas

    Official Licenced Paw Patrol® Fleece Blankets

    Official Paw Patrol® licenced super soft fleece blanket. Ideal for travel in the car or simply snuggling up with your favourite puppies at home. Supplied as a mixture of blue (Chase) and pink (Skye). Individually packaged in poly bags and supplied in a striking shelf-ready CDU for quick and...
  4. ethan Thomas

    Official Licenced Paw Patrol® kids sunglasses & wallet sets

    Official Paw Patrol® licenced sunglasses & wallet set available in 4 of the most popular puppy characters, including Chase and Skye. Comes complete with a pre-stocked Paw Patrol® branded counter top CDU, helping you to achieve the best result in sales. Carton Contains: Chase sunglasses &...
  5. ethan Thomas

    Flava Scents (Car Air Fresheners)

    Introducing our range of Flava Car Scents (as seen in Tesco and many other retail outlets in the UK). Available in several styles including, tins, wood infuser, air vent and sprays. Lots of fresh, modern scents to choose from. Suitable for many retail outlets including, convenience retail...
  6. ethan Thomas

    Fast Trak Ltd

    Supplying PPE to UK business customers. Simple to use website, buy online with delivery in 24-48 hours.
  7. ethan Thomas

    Healgen Coronavirus Ag Rapid Antigen Test Kits

    The Healgen Coronavirus Ag Rapid Antigen Test Kit is one of only 3 UK government approved rapid tests for detection of COVID-19 with results available within 15 minutes. Exceptional use of a COVID-19 rapid test, to be used by members of the public for home use, was approved on the 23rd December...