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  1. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Make Your Own Super Bouncerz from Risus Wholesale

    Have hours of fun creating an awesome bouncing ball that glows in the dark! The box contains 3 bags of powders and 1 ball mould. Box size 16 x 22 x 3.5 cm
  2. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Mini Toilet Noise Putty from Risus Wholesale

    48 tubs of toilet putty that makes rude noises when you press it into the tub with your finger. Each one measures 4cm in diameter.
  3. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Fruit Crystal Slime from Risus Wholesale

    48 tubs of crystal slime in assorted fruit design containers. Each one measures 4cm in diameter.
  4. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Cheap PVC Footballs 9"

    24 pvc footballs in assorted colours. Supplied deflated, football pump needed to inflate. Each ball is 9 inches in diameter when fully inflated. www.risuswholesale.co.uk
  5. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Eyeball Splat Balls from Risus Wholesale

    12 squishy splat balls each filled with water. Throw them against a flat surface to make them 'splat'! Each measures 6cm. Assorted designs.
  6. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Building Brick Dinosaur Kits from Risus Wholesale

    Create 8 of your favourite dinosaurs with these assorted Dinosaur Park building brick kits. Each comes in a 9x7x4cm box. Collect all 8 and add them together to make 1 large Dinosaur!
  7. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Magic Water Beads from Risus Wholesale

    Place the colourful beads on the plastic tray provided to make your picture, spray it with water and leave to dry. Voila! Like magic, the beads are now stuck together. Use the dongles provided to turn your picture into a keyring. Each set includes pictures, water bottle, beads, tray, tweezers...
  8. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Globe Stress Balls from Risus Wholesale

    Foam stress ball printed with a complete map of the globe. Each measures 6.5cm https://www.risuswholesale.co.uk
  9. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Unicorn Bubble Tubes - ONLY 7p EACH!

    11cm Unicorn Bubble Tubes. Three assorted colourful designs. https://www.risuswholesale.co.uk
  10. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Deluxe Flying Rings from Risus Wholesale

    Deluxe Flying Ring with soft rubber edges. Measures 25cm in diameter. https://www.risuswholesale.co.uk
  11. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Glow Dinosaur Skeleton Eggs from Risus Wholesale

    Dinosaur eggs containing an assortment of glow in the dark Dinosaur Skeleton construction kits. Each measures 18x7cm. https://www.risuswholesale.co.uk
  12. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Tool Playsets from Risus Wholesale

    Cute Tool playset, with various accessories including saw, screw driver, and wrench. Comes supplied in a handy carry case. Measures 17 x 12.5 x 10.5cm. https://www.risuswholesale.co.uk
  13. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Brickz Paper Party Bags from www.risuswholesale.co.uk

    Paper gift bags with twisted paper handles. 14x21x7cm. Perfect for using as going home party bags. https://www.risuswholesale.co.uk
  14. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Squishy Llama Bead Balls from Risus Wholesale

    Fun squishy Llama toys filled with colourful gel balls. Each measures 10cm. https://www.risuswholesale.co.uk
  15. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Squishy Poop Toys from www.risuswholesale.co.uk

    12 gross sticky, squishy poop toys! https://www.risuswholesale.co.uk
  16. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Unicorn Ball Poppers from www.risuswholesale.co.uk

    This air powered Unicorn Ball Popper can shoot balls up to 20ft! Simply squeeze the Unicorn and watch them fly. Measures 25 x 17cm. https://www.risuswholesale.co.uk
  17. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Unicorn Ink Stampers from www.risuswholesale.co.uk

    These cute Unicorn Ink Stampers, in pink and purple ink, come in assorted designs. Each stamper measures 3.5cm https://www.risuswholesale.co.uk
  18. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Unicorn Headbands from www.risuswholesale.co.uk

    Become a Unicorn with this multi-coloured cardboard Unicorn horn that clips on to a plastic alice band. Measures 24 x 18cm. https://www.risuswholesale.co.uk
  19. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Tornado Alley Science Kits from Risus Wholesale

    20x15cm boxed Tornado Alley Science Sets. Each set incoudes 6 colour changing tablets. https://www.risuswholesale.co.uk
  20. ladyvgw

    Stock Offer Colour Your Own Canvas Gift Bags from Risus Wholesale

    Colour in and personalise these cute canvas bags. Each measures 30x21cm. 6 assorted designs. https://www.risuswholesale.co.uk