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Search results

  1. Neil

    Photo Frames - Helped Needed

    Hi Can anyone help please? I'm looking for photo frames similar to the ones below, A3 with an A4 mount. These would be fantastic but the delivery prices are not cost efficient and collection is not available...
  2. Neil

    Printing on Sunglasses

    I have looked at stickers and it's certainly a cheaper option than some of the MOQs required elsewhere.
  3. Neil

    Printing on Sunglasses

    Thanks Dave.
  4. Neil

    Printing on Sunglasses

    Hi Just wondered if anyone is able to point me in the direction of a company that is able to print logos on to sunglasses, or better still, an wholesaler who offers this service as well? Thanks.
  5. Neil

    Custom phone/tablet cases

    Hi Just wondered if anyone is able to point me in the direction of a dropshipper who can provide customised phone/tablet cases please? Thanks in advance.
  6. Neil

    Closed Personalised iPad/iPhone cases

    Good evening. I'm just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a iPad/iPhone case provider who would also be able to work with me in creating some custom designs, preferably UK based? Thanks Neil
  7. Neil

    I demand the difference back!

    But you also risk losing the sale completely.
  8. Neil

    I demand the difference back!

    I get that, but if its within a set period of time, the customer could just return the item anyway. If they do purchase again it's a lot of messing about for the same outcome, or he could just lose the sale completely. I'd be frustrated too, and the principal of it is wrong, but from a...
  9. Neil

    Sick of eBay and Amazon? Want to make easy money? Introducing Print Money with Facebook

    Just bought mine. I'm going a bit off topic here, but has anyone any experience of publishing an ebook for the Kindle?
  10. Neil

    I demand the difference back!

    What if the customer returned the item unused then purchased again, but at the cheaper price? For the sake of £2.50, I'd probably give the difference to purely save on time.
  11. Neil

    Your Football Team...

    Leeds United, but only when the Rugby League season has finished.
  12. Neil

    I need ideas of a camera to use with a light box

    I'm more of a Canon fan myself. Like someone said further up, even the cheaper DSLR's will last a long time.
  13. Neil

    New items have arrived at Wholesale District UK Dropship Centre

    Hi Pete I read that you'd opened your UK site to help with Christmas deliveries, but will it be staying afterwards as well? Or is it only for the short term? Neil
  14. Neil

    Offer Ended/Closed Sweety Bracelets - Last Lot - £50 for 50pcs! (Including VAT & Delivery)!

    Hi Alan What's the best price you can do for 25 and 50 to begin with? And do you have a list of everything you sell? Neil
  15. Neil


    Could you send me the details too please [email protected]
  16. Neil

    Stock Offer Stock for Sale

    Could I have a list too please. [email protected]
  17. Neil

    Offer Ended/Closed 1x android pad ,1x windows ce pad

    Re: 1x android pad , 1x windows ce pad If the falls through or you can't post to Slovenia, let me know and I'll still take them. Neil