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  1. Jam Man

    Shipping couriers

    I'm looking to set up an account with a courier but need to know what kind of restrictions they have with parcels in terms of weight and size. I have a few items to send which are sometimes as heavy as 7KG. Someone told me that DPD will charge a flat rate of £4.50 for any package and have a...
  2. Jam Man

    Despatching orders on behalf of a few friends

    I have my own eBay and Amazon accounts currently set up and in good health using Linnworks to process my orders. I have been approached by two people I know who have asked me to fulfil orders on their behalf which I am happy to do as it is only a handful of items a week. My biggest concern is...
  3. Jam Man

    Trying to get sale numbers for last 3 months on eBay

    Hi All, I am trying to get some 'sold' figures to work out how many of my items for each of my lines have sold in the last 3 months, for each month individually. I can't seem to do these with any tools in eBay, which I find surprising since it should be basic feature on a large platform. Does...
  4. Jam Man

    Tracking sales with eBay

    I am trying to go back to old school and document all my sales in a spreadsheet which will calculate my turnover and profit etc. Only issue I'm having is essentially keeping track of how items are being sold of a particular product. I know that I can simply look at how many sold from the listing...
  5. Jam Man

    How to people manage and report on finance in business?

    At the moment, we do not have any formal reporting system to tell us we're in the red, or making a profit, and if so, how much. Of course, we know that all is well because we use very rudimentary, old-school spreadsheets, and not much has changed over the years we've been trading. We need to get...
  6. Jam Man

    The steady decline of my business (thanks to eBay)

    I'm sure you've all seen similar threads to this one, but here instead of bashing eBay, I need some advice on how to pick up my business from where it is now and progress it onto where it was this time last year. I'll explain briefly. So, I have been trading various things on eBay for about a...
  7. Jam Man

    eBay won't let me close my account

    To cut a long story short, my ebay account with 4000 feedback started to decline in reputation, largely to do with the linnworks system that I began to implement. Negative feedback became common, esp with the stars. It was at 99% eBay completely restricted my selling due to this, but at the...
  8. Jam Man

    Royal Mail compensation process - Let's take action

    I recently submitted a claim totalling £90, and just today I received compensation for just £20, less than 25% of the original claim. Majority of the claimants didn't respond as I suspect, and the ones that didn stated their item had turned up. But I don't have the manpower to now start...
  9. Jam Man

    Admin fees

    I'm a regular importer from China and overseas, and I'm tired of Fedex, ParcelForce paying duties on my behalf and then charging the best part of £15 for an 'admin' charge. VAT duty is expensive as it is, and I'd much rather have to wait longer to get the parcel than have to pay this...
  10. Jam Man

    Electrical safety issues with items from China

    I've been importing electrical items from China for a while now, mostly mobile accessories that have a fairly low value, chargers and batteries etc. One of my friends who also does the same thing but with different products had one of his batteries leak or explode as reported by his clients...
  11. Jam Man

    Is Amazon Fulfillment really worth it?

    I have been contacted by Amazon as an invitation into their fulfillment service which basically involved me sending them some of my stock, and they pick, pack, deliver and provide customer service. Of course the fee is slightly higher, perhaps almost double of what the above would cost me to...
  12. Jam Man

    Tracking eBay progress and performance in Excel

    This year I was using a spreadsheet where I could enter the products into an Excel spreadsheet, create separate tabs for each month, and then basically record how many I sold of each product. So if I sold 2 Monday, I'd enter 2, then if I sold an additional 4 I'd enter 6 and so on. The problem...
  13. Jam Man

    The eBay seller protection myth

    I had a buyer in the first week of October purchase a £5 item. Last week of October he opened a case saying he didn't receive the item, so thought I'd refund and be done with it. A week later I get an email from eBay tell me that his buyer was suspicious and that I shouldn't send the item out...
  14. Jam Man

    Handling RM loss items P58

    Now, having had an increase in sales over the past 10 months, more and more items are getting lost. Before I just absorbed it. Now more expensive items are going missing, and some times it's quite obvious that the item was received but was declared lost by the buyer to get another or a refund...
  15. Jam Man

    Big mistake on returns

    So, I accidently sent out a wrong colour item, the buyer contacted me and told me that she received the wrong item. I thought, ok, my fault. So, I arranged to send the correct item with a prepaid envelope to send the original item back in. 2 Weeks went by the no return of the original item...
  16. Jam Man

    How do car hire companies make money?

    This is something that has been bothering me for some time. I'm sure we've seen car hire companies offerign cars often worth 6 figures for hire (£100k - £200k+). But what I don't understand is after all the costs, car price, tax, insurance, maintenance, MOT etc that they can actually expect...
  17. Jam Man

    Offering free delivery on Amazon?

    Is it possible to offer free delivery on amazon and completely disregard their delivery fee? I've seen other users do it, instead Amazon is just matching my total, so it keeps the delivery fee and lower my retail price so the total is the same. I prefer it to be with free delivery so buyers...
  18. Jam Man

    Amazon selling - EAN or UPC numbers required

    I just bought a Pro account today to get started to list my eBay products on Amazon. I keep getting this error Now I done some research and it seems this is the barcode number? My products don't have barcodes, they're imported. How is everyone else selling their imports, I don't think such...
  19. Jam Man

    Sharing RM PPI business account

    I've opened a thread similar to this earlier this year, and wondering if anyone was looking to open a PPI account, or has high spending with the Post Office and would like to make some savings (particularly in wake of the price increase). The PPI account has an annual spend requirement of 5k...
  20. Jam Man

    Printing out address label from Seller Manager

    I have a thermal label printer which I use to copy and paste the address from Seller Manager from eBay into the software and then print out the label. Is there a way to get them onto the label directly from SM or eBay? Copy and pasting isn't much of an issue, but it become a problem when...