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    Royal Mail & The Late Dispatch/Delivery Performance

    Hi Everyone I am looking to open a \Royal Mail business account but have noticed some people saying that sending items without tracking is resulting in sellers losing there TRS. I was on the phone to a sales agent from the Royal Mail and he was saying that with the click and drop on there is a...
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    Air Freight

    I dont really have enough volume at the moment to make this worth my while as the items I am ordering are light and not the biggest which would cost me more for now.
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    Air Freight

    Hi There I am looking at importing items from the us and was looking to see if anyone had any tips on keeping costs to a minimum when using air freight? Some times the prices that DHL and Fed Ex ask are just eating into my margins and was looking for anyways in which to cut costs. Cheers Martin
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    Looking for supplier of guitar strings

    Hi Everyone I have noticed the prices that people are selling guitar strings on and was hoping someone could help me in finding who would supply these kind of sellers. I have searched for trade shows but cant seem to find a exhibitor list and my other option would be to find a sourcing...
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    Importing from China

    Hi There I was looking for help with importing products from China by airfreight and was hoping if someone could help me with a question I have. I was looking to see if it is possible to combine shipments from different suppliers on aliexpress and if so is there a company that anyone would...
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    Hi Everyone I have been trying to post pictures from my hosting site onto my ebay listing but something seems to be wrong as when i paste the url into the add picture box and hit preview none of my pics seem to appear. Was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this matter as I have...
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    Market stall 10ft x 10ft

    I have a brand new market stall for sale and this will go to funding my next business venture. I was wondering if any one had any information on how I could courier this as I would be looking to sell this via eBay? Many Thanks Martin
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    Limits on when to track postage

    Thanks for the advice. I suppose it depends on what you sell etc but I am just looking for general rule of thumb. I am just in the process of selling all my old stuff to fund my ebay project so I will see how this goes and 3 months of sales and then take a look at it from there and hope there...
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    Limits on when to track postage

    Hi Everyone I have noticed that on a few occasions in the past when I have had some items that I have not tracked and I have been scammed and with some items that are not of great value with no tracking being fine. I just do not really know where to draw the line on these things and if it...
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    How to start using Terapeak?

    Hi Everyone I have just got myself a free weeks trial for terapeak although I do not really know my way round it i was hoping someone could give me some tips with regards to sell through rates and the likes. Also if anyone has some tips on how they use it this would be much appreciated! Many...
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    Uploading pictures with eBay custom listing designer

    I am looking to add pictures to my listing using my hosting account and when I put a video from youtube on via turbo lister I start to have major problems so it is a lose lose situation! I was looking to try and find some means of uploading a picture to my ebay listing in the same way you...
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    Uploading pictures with eBay custom listing designer

    Hi Everyone I am in desperate need of some help with uploading my pictures to my ebay listing. I can easily do this in turbo lister but this will not let me do this with ebays custom listing designer. I was wondering if anyone knows how to do this as me and turbo lister are not the best of...
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    Paypal micropayments

    I think I will have to give this a miss as I do not know where to start with this even if I did have a second account! Thanks for the help anyway I was sure I read somewhere a way in which you could do this on the same account although this was a few years ago.
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    Paypal micropayments

    Hi Everyone Now that I have opened my ebay shop and looking to get a new site up and running in the next couple of weeks I ws looking to see if it is possible to except Payments of under £5 to micropayments and ordinary paypal fees for anything over £5? I have noticed that if i am able to do...
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    Right time to open an eBay shop

    Thanks for the feedback My problem is if I am being charged £14.99 just now until the 15th of February then I would rather wait to the 16th to make sure I would have enough listings to at least break even with eBay. I think I have read somewhere a while go that I would be charged half price...
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    Right time to open an eBay shop

    I do not know if this is silly question or not but I am going to have another shot at opening my ebay store as I have more time to commit to it. My question is would I get the full benefit of opening my shop when I am due to pay my fees or would this not make a difference as I am looking to...
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    Point of sale software

    Thanks Norts I have been looking for a system that I could use for a while and was looking at inflow but I thought it was a little expensive for the full version. I am going to have a play around with the trial version and see how it feels and also I think I will try and make excel sheets up but...
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    Point of sale software

    Hi Everyone I have been looking to get a spreadsheet to manage my stock but find it hard to keep track of it as I sell both online and offline. I was wondering if anyone had any tips fort a template on excel or a point of sale software that they would recommend? I have been looking for one...
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    Stock Offer Wholesale PC & Video Games

    hi there the email adress to best contact me on is [email protected] many thanks martin
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    Software for keeping stock takes and general organization

    Hi Pete If you do not mind me asking what type of software is it that you use? Martin