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  1. BlindFoxTrading

    Stockshifters listing

    The lot must be for a mixed quantity, otherwise this must be a price mistake.
  2. BlindFoxTrading trustworthy?

    It's a safe site, as the other member mentioned, your payment goes into an escrow account and is not released to the supplier until you have received and checked over the products to your satisfaction. Just be sure that you don't buy any products which are of a design that is patented.
  3. BlindFoxTrading

    Chinese supplier offering free shipping

    Here's a site for you, if you enter your information about the stock, the site will give you estimated custom duties and tax costs for your shipment. Hope this helps! Sam
  4. BlindFoxTrading

    Handling RM loss items P58

    Forget claiming your lost items back, it's just a headache and Royal Mail make it as hard as possible to do it. If you're VAT registered just put your losses against your tax bill for the easiest.
  5. BlindFoxTrading

    Any Chinese suppliers who accept PayPal?

    I think you can pay via PayPal if you go through sites like Alibaba or DHgate.
  6. BlindFoxTrading

    Problems getting payments from Stockshifters

    Just an update, we have received an email from stockshifters and they are processing an invoice for us.
  7. BlindFoxTrading

    At last an eBay seller not trying to sell RL polo's as genuine.

    Not sure whether that is allowed, because not everyone reads the description.
  8. BlindFoxTrading

    Are all jiffy bags "large letter"?

    The maximum thickness a large letter can be is 25mm, although the Royal Mail may allow one or two items that are slightly thicker if you're a business customer posting in mailing sacks.
  9. BlindFoxTrading

    Problems getting payments from Stockshifters

    We're waiting for payments on orders that were received by our customers a week ago.
  10. BlindFoxTrading

    Problems getting payments from Stockshifters

    We're having this same problem, still awaiting payments from Stockshifters for every lot we have dispatched.
  11. BlindFoxTrading

    Looking for some ideas for what to sell on the run up to Christmas

    We have a small range of Christmas products left in stock that can be sold on ebay or amazon.
  12. BlindFoxTrading

    Closed Looking for wholesale suppliers of mobile phone accessories

    We would be able to supply accessories for some of the phones you have noted. Visit our website below.
  13. BlindFoxTrading

    Dealing with the Chinese

    If you want to be sure not to get scammed by China manufacturers and suppliers, why not start out using websites such as Alibaba and DHgate, who don't release your money to the seller until you have confirmed that you're happy with the goods.
  14. BlindFoxTrading

    Managing cash flow

    Experience is the number one way to manage your cash flow.
  15. BlindFoxTrading

    Japanese & Korean clothing

    Always be sure to do your checks when choosing overseas suppliers.
  16. BlindFoxTrading

    List of UK Cash & Carry Wholesalers

    Why not just try a simple Google search for 'fast food packaging', then compare for the best prices.
  17. BlindFoxTrading

    5 Step Method to Verify your Wholesale Supplier

    Great post for newbies!! There's nothing more annoying than getting scammed.
  18. BlindFoxTrading


    You can find our lists of products attached in PDF's in the above thread
  19. BlindFoxTrading

    Stock Offer iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100,Blackberry Curve 9360, HTC Phone Case Clearance Lot

    We can supply quite a few different types of phone cases, PM us or email [email protected] if you would be interested in product lists!
  20. BlindFoxTrading

    Closed Am-Tech & Blackspur tools - where to get them?

    We are one of the largest official stockists of the Silverline Tools range. Take a look at, gather a list of which products you would be interested in, and we can get some prices together for you.