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  1. laprepair

    Scammed by Aliexpress seller - Mayer

    At this current time I have nothing but praise for the suppliers ive dealt with on ALi. Yes as with any walk of life you will get people trying to con you out of your hard earned money but you need to take steps to try and avoid it. Again no matter how many steps you take the risk is still...
  2. laprepair

    Protect your computer, protect your business

    Dont know its been mentioned. But although its better now than in the past. Certain anti virus programs will slow your computer down. But with software programmed a bit better and higher spec components/computers its not as bad as it was.
  3. laprepair

    Starting an iPhone business

    Its a very hard market to break into. in reality everyone would love to do it but very few can sustain sales at a certain level required to maintain cashflow/stock. Competition is very high. As you know ite hard graft and apple products carry very little if any profit margins.
  4. laprepair

    Do not use Asda Direct

    I do get a lot of ikea furniture but they didnt have what we were looking for unfortunetly
  5. laprepair

    Do not use Asda Direct

    In theory yes but when u have boxes everywhere, clothes everywhere and kids running around the reality is very different. Living out of a box for 3 months is not good :(
  6. laprepair

    Do not use Asda Direct

    Yes they use a supplier called km products I believe. They aint been no good either
  7. laprepair

    Do not use Asda Direct

    Cuckoo cuckoo :D
  8. laprepair

    Do not use Asda Direct

    I know its crazy when a company as big as asda cannot get the simple things right. Im just angry that they expect me to foot the time and money to sort of make right what they have done wrong. All I wanted was nice bedroom furniture :(
  9. laprepair

    Do not use Asda Direct

    Order some bedroom furniture in February from the delightful Asda Direct. Well what a mistake thats turned out be. I received damaged parts, missing parts, wrong parts. Took me around 4 hours build all the furniture. Basically discovered that a couple of parts where damaged. Phoned asda and...
  10. laprepair

    Has anyone got experience selling MMA gear?

    Think ull find people will be a bit cagey when it comes to this sort of thing :rolleyes:
  11. laprepair

    Any restrictions on LR44 batteries?

    Think its just lithium batteries
  12. laprepair

    Where to find IT wholesalers?

    That was great advice I once got from you andy :D.
  13. laprepair

    eBay's new feature - Recent Sale

    Bit like you get on I dont mind it. Took me a while tonight to get use to the new layout but think ill get there.
  14. laprepair

    It's always nice to get a thank you

    Always nice to get a thank you. Good for the soul :D
  15. laprepair

    Issues with closing an eBay case

    Ebay useless, Never. Now going to go home and cry as I knew this day would come
  16. laprepair

    Where to find IT wholesalers?

    IT wholesalers dont exist for the small business. Not too long ago I was after the same thing. Unless you have 200K plus you will never be able to achieve the mark up you want or need. China is the place to buy from. Just dont try and buy an iphone ;)
  17. laprepair

    Look who the cat dragged in

    Glad ur feeling better. Stress is an awful thing and can beat the best of us. ITs how we get back up from it that defines us
  18. laprepair

    Quality bed sets & kids sleeping bags from China - Any interest?

    I know wifi speakers are becoming a big hit. If you could get some half decent ones im sure they would shift quiet well. I