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  1. Stephen E

    Stock Offer Fake Tan , Sun Care and Body Moisture's Mixed

    Hi, could you please e-mail me a price list, thanks. [email protected]
  2. Stephen E

    Stock Offer Poundland Products

    Hi, I am interested in buying and would like to request a product of some more information.. contact me on [email protected]
  3. Stephen E

    VAT registration certificate, certification of incorporation & company invoice

    I wish to register an account with PIXmania Pro, however in order to successfully complete my registration they ask that I provide them with my VAT registration certificate, certification of incorporation & a company invoice. I am not 100% sure what these all are as I'm just looking to Dropship...
  4. Stephen E

    Company is asking for my tax id - how do I get it?

    I wish to set up a 'package forwarding account' with Bongo international, however they are asking for my Tax ID. I was just wondering how I can find out what my tax ID is, that is if I have one? If not how can I get one? I am unemployed, would that make a difference? Thanks too any one that can...