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    New Member needs help

    Hi We can offer you Sportswear and Trainers for Women's Wear. You can see the size range / packs on our website, so there should not be any mix up.
  2. ASL Express

    under armour and nike sportswear

    Hi , we don't have much Nike Clearance at the moment. However a large range of Under Armour. Feel free to contact me for more info or visit
  3. ASL Express

    Stock Offer Under Armour, Puma and Adidas Bags

    New range of Puma, Under Armour and AdIdas Stella McCartney Bags just uploaded online Please visit for more info.
  4. ASL Express

    Stock Offer Wholesale Under Armour Tees

    Feel free to visit our Wholesale Site, for more information and how to Purchase.
  5. ASL Express

    Stock Offer Wholesale Adidas Originals Kids Trainers

    Feel free to visit our Wholesale Site, for more information and how to Purchase.
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    Stock Offer Puma Ferrari Unisex SF Fanwear Handbag / Duffle Bag

    Hi , Sole Traders can purchase from us , no need for a VAT number :)
  7. ASL Express

    Lounge wears sets, t shirts hoodies et

    Hi We're Wholesalers of Branded Sportswear and Trainers in Women's, Men's and Kidswear (NO VAT FOR Kids) , based in Rainham Essex. Feel free to check out range on or welcome to raise any queries to clarify anything.
  8. ASL Express

    Want to buy anything you can ship to Romania now!

    Hi We are Wholesalers of Branded Sportswear & Trainers, and serve a range of online and shop clients in Romania already. We send either through DPD or you can arrange collection with your transport company. if you have a Romanian VAT number we can also deduct UK VAT.
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    Stock Offer Puma Ferrari Unisex SF Fanwear Handbag / Duffle Bag

    New Puma Ferrari Unisex SF Fanwear Handbag / Duffle Bag just uploaded. Only 15 left.
  10. ASL Express

    Stock Offer Puma Ferrari Black Backpack

    New Puma Ferrari Black Backpacks just uploaded onto , have 117 left. MOQ = 5.
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    Can someone advise me on how can I clear my face mask stock?

    We've just cleared 5.5k of KN95 However got plenty of 3 PLY left @ £7.50 a box of 50. Maybe we can swap 40 cartons of 3 PLY for 40 cartons of KN95? Or if you can email me more details for KN95 I can see what I can do in terms of helping you shift some. Email: [email protected]
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    Stock Offer Looking to clear face masks @ £0.15 per piece UK Stock

    Hi Minimum Order Quantity = 50 Pieces Looking to clear our 3 PLY Face Masks, have around 15,000 in stock. £0.15 piece. You can purchase on our website here:
  13. ASL Express

    News Face coverings in shops and supermarkets to become Mandatory in England

    If anybody would like Face masks, then feel free to contact me for a Clearance Price. £7.50 for a pack of 50. Product link below; Or email me direct on [email protected] and I will offer these with free delivery...
  14. ASL Express

    Stock Offer KN95 Masks now £0.72 / Piece

    Face masks will now be mandatory from the 24th of July in UK retail shops, along with other European countries with a similar policy. A great opportunity to get hold of our premium KN95 Protective Face Masks at a genuine Wholesale rate. KN95 are more durable and comfortable to wear compared to...
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    Hi We offer a range of Wholesale Branded Sportswear and Trainers. Feel free to contact me [email protected] or visit for product info.
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    Stock Offer 3PLY in 10 packs to re-sell to Shop Keepers

    New 10 pack 3PLY Masks and 1 pack Premium KN95 Masks , at reduced Wholesale Prices for to re-sell or to give away to customers as a promotion gift.
  17. ASL Express

    With a new way of life looming, are businesses prepared with PPE?

    I think the supply side is well prepared now.. Plenty of stock for commuters to buy at low prices :)
  18. ASL Express

    Looking for Nike/Adidas/Puma/Reebok

    Hi , we can Supply and Deliver to Denmark with DPD. Please see our website to view prices and more details about our range of Clearance Sportswear and Trainers. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)
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    Stock Offer Disposable Face Masks: £0.27 / Piece

    New Shipment , New price for Disposable Face Masks A product in demand from Newsagents and other Shop Keepers to sell. Compulsory to wear Face Mask on Public Transport and major Retail Shops are requesting customers to wear Masks too.
  20. ASL Express

    Stock Offer KN95 Masks : From £0.77

    New Shipment with even Cheaper Prices possible within the UK Now Essential to use on Public Transport and essential for Shoppers in certain large Retail Stores.