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  1. framemory

    Offer Ended/Closed Wireless Charging Case Receiver for iPhone 5/5s MFi Licensee

    iPhone 5S iPhone 5 Wireless Charging Case Receiver Prefect fits Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S Durable Polycarbonate case provides solid impact protection Enables drop and go charging on any Qi enabled wireless charging plate
  2. framemory

    Wireless Revolution – Coffeebar Pub

    Imagine that your mobile devices will get a quick boost while you’re drinking your coffee. WirelessEfficiency’s wireless charging solution allow customers to charge their phones wirelessly without USB cable. it will remarkable improving the coffee drinker’s experience while in the store. Need...
  3. framemory

    Kickstarter Multi-Channel Fulfillment with Amazon

    Hey TWFer, About cross selling. We post our inventory of Amazon or webstore to kickstarter, the backers from kickstarter could purchase with their Amazon account (because it's supports amazon payment only). Then, we could ship by Multi-Channel Fulfillment by Amazon, in this way, we may get...
  4. framemory

    Wireless Charger for Smartphone and Consume Electronics Industry

    Hi TWFer, We are are manufacturer in wireless industry, here are some analytics for reference. Wireless Power Industry Forecast Just as Wi-Fi replaced the need to use an Ethernet cable for Internet connectivity, so also wireless power is making recharging wirelessly a feature that is demanded...
  5. framemory

    Offer Ended/Closed QiPack - The World Thinnest Wireless Portable Charger - Wholesaler Register - Get 300% Profit Today!

    Introduction As a 4-Year member of TSC, Now we are introducing our innovative gear to TSC community. QiPack - the Universal, Portable and Wireless power solution for your iPhone, Android phone which now live on We believe our project will benefit to the...
  6. framemory

    Framemory Digital Photo Key Ring Special offer, up to 50% off

    Digital Photo Key Ring Special offer, up to 50% off Product Description: More than just a digital photo frame, view your digital pictures easily by connecting the USB connector to the USB port on the side of the digital keychain to transfer a minimum of 130 digital photos from your computer...
  7. framemory

    2009, hello world

    Hello TWFers, It's my first post says hello to everyone here, i wish everybody happy, health in 2009. Lance