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    TLC Luxury Wholesale

    Could you please tell me more informations ... ? website, vat number of that company, owner I will find out more infos for you
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    Offer Ended/Closed Top Branded Customer Returned Watches

    Could you tell me please price for this lots?
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    eBay is messed up - 0 sales

    It is very hard to sell on ebay. If you also sold something, high fees could sink your business. And also selling limitations kill your selling potencial. I think it is better to have own shop or sell on amazon.
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    Newbie start up

    and it is very hard sell on ebay in these days ... I think that exist better places / source for selling. For new users have ebay selling limits. This informations is so important for newbie.
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    Chinese wholesalers in UK

    It is very hard to find authetic lacoste clothes. Lowest prices which i saw for polo in wholesale lot was about 24 euro netto / pcs. i am from Slovakia and we are in Europe. We are strongly blocking selling fakes and our customs are so severely !
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    Benefits of dropshipping

    So great informations ! Also other way how do do dropshipping is affiliate marketing. You may try that
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    Is there wholesale opportunities outside China?

    That depends on country. We trade for exemple with Dubai, USA ... I think that depends on company and goods. If has trading partner good prices, could be also from ukraine. That is my opinion
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    Wire transfer help needed!!

    That was payment provided by SEPA ? Thank you for answer
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    Offer Ended/Closed Dove Deodorant Spray OFFER

    please send me more informations about this order and informations about payment to [email protected] Is it possible to get a discount? Thank you
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    Can you legally sell designer clothing?

    So many great infomations ! This topic could helps lot of newbie in business. Authentic clothing is not only in outlets and retail stores !
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    B2B eCommerce

    or your could use B2B shop in different platform that B2C platform. I am using this combination. You should have different content on each site This combination is also great for SEO optimalizaton and specific URL for google adwords. We had one site for B2B and B2C but that was not great choose.
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    Offer Ended/Closed Michael Kors Watch Stock Offer

    Hello, i still did not receive stocklist
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    Offer Ended/Closed Michael Kors Watches Offer

    this stock is located in Europe or in US?