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  1. Kingamer

    Going Out Of Business

    Hi Guys Just as the title says I am going out of business. Long story short I had a break in at my warehouse and lost a lot off stock last year around this time and I had insurance, so since then I have been trying to get back on my feet to do this took out some loans and now I have had enough...
  2. Kingamer

    Check out the stolen merchandise

    Just saw this listing on ebay and I know the stock is stolen
  3. Kingamer

    Mini USB cable needed

    Hi guy's Just want to see if any has got around 300 mini USB cables just picked up some mp3 players cheap but they don't come with earphones or charging cable earphones I have a few thousand lying about but no cables so if some one has any small length ones then let me know had to be cheap
  4. Kingamer

    Stock Offer X5C-1 QuadCopter Drone

    Hi guys Just got a load off quadcopters perfect gifts for Xmas. The quadcopters come with a camera along with a 2GB micro sd card and 2 spare batteries spec sheet is below Color: White Model Number: X5C-1 Action Time: 6-8 Mins State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go Age Range: > 14 years old Motor...
  5. Kingamer

    Closed Help need freight company asap

    So basically I have a product I an looking to bring in. This item takes lithium batteries and having spoken to a company got a quote I have just been told they will not accept the stock due to the lithium batteries. Could someone help me out here please. Amer
  6. Kingamer

    Advertising at a Football Stadium

    Hi Guys Just want to ask if anyone has done this? Its just I got a call from a company about doing this at my local football team and just want to see who thinks its a good idea. Its not something I could afford at the time as I have had a small problem with a break in but is it something I...
  7. Kingamer

    Quick VAT question

    So guys I just have a VAT question hopefully someone could help me out. So basically I just got a account made with one off the biggest ink suppliers in Europe these guys supplier to all the big guys in UK. The problem I have is that for some reason the prices just don't work out. I am always a...
  8. Kingamer

    Offer Ended/Closed Genuine Apple MA591G 30 pin to USB Cable

    Genuine Apple MA591G 30 pin to USB Cable Genuine cables to charge Iphone 4s downwards plus the rest These are bulk pack cables no retail packaging. These are coming tomorrow just placed the order. MOQ: 50 Quantitiy: 500 Price: £2.5 or take all £2.25 Delivery: £10 Location: Yorkshire...
  9. Kingamer

    Anyone else having problem with ebazoo ebay listings

    Just want to ask if anyone else seems to be problems with there ebay listing template made and hosted by ebazoo. Anyone got a contact number for them as I send on there site and got no response
  10. Kingamer

    Offer Ended/Closed Silverlit Ferrari Enzo RC Car Perfect Offline Seller

    Silverlit Ferrari Enzo 1:16 Scale Bluetooth RC Car for iPod iPhone iPad Hi Guys just got a excellent deal for those selling offline at markets and shops. Just been selling these to local shops ad they are flying off the shelves one guys selling 10 a day Due to Xmas these are perfect little...
  11. Kingamer

    eBay Down Again

    Morning all just want to know if anyone else is having issues with ebay today. MY orders do not seems to be coming up and a lot off errors coming in the site. Is it just me?
  12. Kingamer

    Offer Ended/Closed Dr Dre Monster urBeats Big Sellers Perfect Xmas Stock

    Dr Dre Monster urBeats Huge Sellers Fast quick profits Only £24 each these seller for £30 - £40 Small quick profit over Xmas. Please note these are bulk...
  13. Kingamer

    Offer Ended/Closed Blackberry Z10 Transform Shell Genuine

    Blackberry Z10 Transform Shell Genuine Brand new retail packed comes with a free screen protector as well Limited stock so looking for a take all MOQ: Take all 10pcs Price: £20 for lot Location: West Yorkshire Payment: Bank transfer, paypal(+3.4%)
  14. Kingamer

    Offer Ended/Closed Nokia BH-214 Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Blue - Limited Stock

    Nokia BH-214 Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Blue Coming tomorrow brand new bulk packed limited quantity Check these links these sell for between £20 - £30
  15. Kingamer

    Offer Ended/Closed AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone (MC265ZM/A) Fast Seller

    AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone (MC265ZM/A) Make a quick few quid with the release of Iphone 6 they will be buyers out there for these and they will sell fast This is for up 2 years. It gives 1 year hardware and 18 months telephone technical support Have a look here...
  16. Kingamer

    No Agents available

    Just want to say been on ebay chat waiting for over hour and a half and when I get the chance to speak to someone it say agents not available WTF?
  17. Kingamer

    Offer Ended/Closed Dr Dre Monster iBeats Big Sellers Fast Quick Profit

    Dr Dre Monster iBeats Huge Sellers Fast quick profits Only £23 each these seller for £30 - £40 Check these out of ebay and amazon excellet sellers huge amount sold...
  18. Kingamer

    Office + Internet Info Required

    Hi guys just want some advice on what you thing about this. So basically need to get a office/warehouse as soon as possible so had had a look around and anything in my price range seem to be under offer lately. Any way seen a building has had a number of rooms available and I like one of them...
  19. Kingamer

    Offer Ended/Closed Genuine Apple Iphone 5 Lightning Data Cables Only £4 Each

    Genuine Apple Iphone 5 Lightning Data Cables MQO: 100 units Location: West Yorkshire Price:£4 each Shipping: Free UK next day delivery Payment:Bank Transfer If interested pm me
  20. Kingamer

    Offer Ended/Closed Loom Tool Kits + Loom Bands Wholesale

    Loom Tool Kits Tool 300 Bands 12 S Clips Hook Loom Bands 600 Bands 24 S Clips Hook Bands are in mixture of colours MQO: Lets say 12 packs mix and mature Location: West Yorkshire Price: Loom Tool Kit £1.50 Loom Bands £0.75 Shipping: Depends on amount purchased.