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  1. Pete

    What to do if Chinese supplier ups MOQ?

    They may have considered your initial order a sample or test order. There is nothing you can actually "do", As it's their terms and they do have the right to change them. This is beyond terms, it is time for selling yourself and your long term potential purchases. We often negotiate lower...
  2. Pete


    Friday afternoon. They are at the pub spending your fees. :)
  3. Pete


    Better to address directly with management.
  4. Pete

    Closed I need Home and DIY supplier or sourcing agent in China.

    If you find the exact products you want on alibaba or global sources, we can act as your agents. We cannot spend days chasing descriptions, collecting photo albums, etc. The selection is so vast on most of these items and frankly, my Chinese buyer does not have the taste for the styles you...
  5. Pete

    Need some help with dropshipping

    I used to dropship quite a few orders to Malta from China. It was a good market for me. But with the economy going downward a few years ago, it simply disappeared. Customs got tougher, taxman picky, I don't know quite why, but Malta and Cyprus and most of the northern Med countries simply dried...
  6. Pete

    UK Wholesale District is back in business!!!!

    Still dropshipping daily from China, which is what we've done for 5 or 6 years. It won't be missed by many, as no one was placing orders. It's be "on maintenance" for a month and this is the first mention of it. :) It's a 2-way street, you've got to support me in order for me to support you.
  7. Pete

    UK Wholesale District is back in business!!!!

    It's said that for a month. It simply was not selling enough to keep it up. I'm hoping to have time between now and Christmas to set it up selling lots of 25, 50, 100 from China, with VAT and shipping included. 25 of this or that for a guaranteed price, no gamble on VAT and collection costs...
  8. Pete

    Micro sd stock Wanted

    We do not sell memory. I am not soliciting your business. We simply supply memory as accessories to orders for other goods we sell. I am not interested in selling sand-alone memory products.
  9. Pete

    Alibaba scam?

    Have you heard the story "Alibaba and the 49 thieves"? Well, now it's like 4000 thieves. "Gold Supplier" is a icon you can buy, it is meaningless. Your money is gone, there is no returns when paid by WU. You should use someone like us to source your goods. We send dash cams to several...
  10. Pete

    Micro sd stock Wanted

    No, I do not get a great price, but I get good memory. Hard to do both.
  11. Pete

    Micro sd stock Wanted

    Believe it or not, there is plenty of good memory available from China. We source a lot for our customers. We do not actively attempt to sell memory, but when someone orders say 100 or more tablets or phones and wants SD cards as well,we oblige. And get no complaints. I sell a few cards in the...
  12. Pete

    Trade customer account question

    That's it. Many tightly controlled markers are the same. They have spent years building a network of wholesale customers around the country and since they are selling a product not readily available elsewhere, they do their best to support the B&M folks who have supported them for decades before...
  13. Pete

    Trade customer account question

    Some will even require snapshots of the storefront and other proof. They feel they are protecting their established customers in a vertical market and have every right to do so.
  14. Pete

    Reduced Airfreight Capacity Mid September

    Ship the damned things by boat!
  15. Pete

    Ecommerce help please!

    Don't waste your time. You can find hosting which offers self-installing of OC for a fiver or so per month. Just go to Vidahost, get their basic package and get on with things.
  16. Pete

    Ecommerce help please!

    PLUS - it is yours! You can take your database with you and move anywhere you want, whenever you want, to any other cart you want. Many of the hosted solutions, you have no real access to your database. It's on their server, not yours and be damned if you want to move.
  17. Pete

    Ecommerce help please!

    OpenCart is it. You may spend a bit of time picking a template and such, but you still have to go through the same other steps, loading inventory, entering policies, setting up payment, images, etc with any of them. Unless you will need many, many extensions, OC will be much cheaper and other...
  18. Pete

    Dropshippers who sell you a pre stocked website and domain name, Good or Bad?

    I'd avoid such schemes, they are simply another straw in the milkshake, draining off profit and raising product costs to the point there will be few sales, if any.
  19. Pete


    Welcome, Ginny It just so happens that I am one of the few in the US. The reason you see so many dollar signs is that most international trade, including that from China, is done in USD, regardless of where buyer or seller are located.
  20. Pete

    Sourcing bespoke packaging material for eBay item

    Can't make any commitments on this without more info and the MOQs can be high on this sort of thing. But prices are low (though shipping may be high). We routinely have everything from ziplock inserts and bubble pack cards to tablet boxes and such printed, I'd certainly see what we can do for...