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  1. Diamond Fireworks

    Stock Offer 2017 Firework Stock now arriving!

    Diamond Fireworks 2017 Stock is arriving in the UK. The 5th of November may seem far away, but its not that far if you need to apply for your licence and prepare for the season! Diamond Fireworks are one of the UKs leading manufacturers and importers of fireworks for selling to the public...
  2. Diamond Fireworks

    Service Offer Diamond Fireworks - Wholesale Fireworks - Do you own a shop?

    Lighting Up The Sky… A wedding, a birthday, Halloween or New Year’s Day – whatever the occasion fireworks make it special. When selling to your clients it’s important to ensure the fireworks you are offering are the best, the safest and the brightest, not to mention the loudest! Everyone...
  3. Diamond Fireworks

    Service Offer Diamond Fireworks Needs You!!! - Sales Reps Wanted

    What are we looking for? Diamond Fireworks are one of the largest importers of fireworks in the UK. With over 20 years experience, we have been growing year on year. We want to expand our sales, and to do this we want to work with experienced, driven sales people who are eggar to boast their...
  4. Diamond Fireworks

    Let us introduce ourselves - New Advertiser

    Hi Everyone, We have recently joined up, paid our fees and are allowed to advertise! We are Diamond Fireworks, and Im Darren, I run Diamond Fireworks. We are a manufacturer of fireworks that are for sale to the public, known as Category 2 and Category 3 Fireworks. We have been in business...
  5. Diamond Fireworks

    Importing Fireworks

    Importing Fireworks